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This is bull S#*t


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Crew.org.nz(a.k.a. Squid) wrote:

I wonder if anyone at TV 3 is aware of this? Might make a nice news piece for them.



Now that is just pure evil. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You could get some great publicity for the site at the same time Squid! Just a stock standard press release "for immediate release" from Crew.org should do it. It might help if a few more people expressed their displeasure here first though.....so, if you're reading this as a 'lurker' then stop lurking, Register if you aren't already, and add your comments.........!

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Gezz, you guys are no fun, bar Paul. It's a sad day when you can't kick off a decent wind-up :(


Copy rants to -

Tony Ryall, Minister of SOE's (TVNZ as well maybe??)- tony.ryall@parliament.govt.nz

Muzza McCully, Minister of Sport and Recreation - m.mccully@ministers.govt.nz

and as the 36 Mil was put up as being great for tourism,

The Ministry of Tourism, some dude John Key - j.key@ministers.govt.nz

or his probably less busy sidekick Jonathan Coleman - j.coleman@ministers.govt.nz

and of course your local MP using the 'We paid 36mil and wanna watch so what ya gonna do about it?' line.


Blitz those bitches when you do the others. If enough chatter starts turning up all over the show the sooner it'll be noticed. A few grizzles to TVZN isn't gonna do squat. Remember it took a huge pile of whinges to get Coro Street back on and that has far far more public appeal (hence advertising revenue) than anything AC will ever have, as sad as that is and Coro watchers are.


Someone stir it up on SA as well and tell them all there to jump in behind their NZ collogues. Link to this thread so it goes huge in numbers, that'll also help I'd think.


And drop a note to the AC management outfit. Don't forget they are the ones who are taking the coin off TVNZ and letting them do what they are doing. Hell, why knot all the AC teams, we can't see them (and their sponsors) either.


No point being 1/2 arsed and only filling in some animated form a lowly TVNZ functionary will see.


Attack from all angles and put real pressure on. It's all about money, threaten that and someone will react.


If powers that be arrive at work Monday morning to 100's, maybe 1000's, of messages from here and around the world they may just think 'Oh oh, better go suss and see what we can do as we are starting to look silly'.

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Good stuff Willow.


In the rants to the assorted outfits, TVNZ especially, make a point of saying it's very easy to circumvent the web block. So if THEY FORCE you to do that you'll then be all set up to watch the AC adverts free i.e. less viewers and revenue for TVNZ and makes then basically irrelevant.


Threaten the revenue streams and TVNZ's relevance, they are very nervous about both of those and have been for a while.

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Of course TVNZ might make the observation it took most of a week for people to notice, kind of weakens "the sky is falling" mentality


(ducks for cover)


Not true - Day two they allowed it but day 3 they didn't I noticed next day but I assumed technical issues and it took the SA thread B4 I realized what had actually happened. The covermyass thing works but the quality is nowhere near as good for me :-(.

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