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route 66

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We had a great Race in High'n'fibre (Vickers 7m) last year and I'm gutted I can't do it again this year in her as I sold her. It was light airs and took us 14 hours-ish but we finished 5th on line and first on handicap.


It's normally Cat 4 + liferaft/Dinghy and lifelines.

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Route 66 NOR is in the works - should be Cat4+ as mentioned above. Liferaft or dinghy,ready to go, is part. Would think a liferaft hire/borrow would be best for tackhammer...


The race will include a singlehanded division again.


The race usually gets a decent showing from smaller boats - elliot 770, 727s, Ross 830. You'd be the first half cat/half mono!

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I'm considering it as well - solo. More as an excuse to go for a sail, than a serious race. Island Time is not ready for a real race at the moment. Needs antifouling, a new Main, a new headsail, and quite a long list of stuff before being A1 again....

Working on that, but it'll be a while. :(

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The 2014 Route 66 NOR and EF are now posted... This is one of the biggest singlehanded races organised in NZ, don't miss out - we expect a strong fleet this year!*


2014 R66 Ad2.jpg


NOR: http://richmondyc.org.nz/wp-content/upl ... R-2014.pdf

EF: http://richmondyc.org.nz/wp-content/upl ... 014-EF.pdf


Go here for more information:


http://richmondyc.org.nz/racing/info/ro ... stal-race/


Race announcement thread here:




* By strong we mean "lots of skippers, lots of boats" - we accept all that meet the entry requirements! Last year the singlehanded division AND the overall race handicap prize was taken out by Trish Lewis' in her 25 ft Reactor Wishbone...

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