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Tips on Inflatable Dinghy purchase please

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Awesome info and tips!


it has narrowed down the search hugely. I had also heard Lancers really good, but at around $3500k it is around 25% of the value of the Raven!


I will keep a good eye out on TM.


I was originally looking at tying the inflatable to the stern boarding platform but the bamboo "davits" idea has me intrigued and will look into it.


That little plywood twin hull looks interesting BP, unfortunately I don't really have the time or space to start something like that!

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The rollup vs RIB decision also depends on payload and regular distance travelled. If it is just you, a couple or 2 adult couples and primarily visiting another boat or beach at an anchorage a rollup is ok. If a family and on a mooring or the piles, a RIB is far better.

The Raven has the large foredeck so a RIB can fit on there for passage. Otherwise towing around the Gulf is fine in most conditions.

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I had a southern pacific roll up for around 15 years. I used to roll it up and store it away over winter for the first 5 but after that it lived outside. I did make my own ply floor for it which made it a lot easier to get in and out of. Rowed fine for short distances, and motored well with my 2 hp DT2. Excellent boats and they last well.

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Hi all, back on page 1 of this thread, 'Cloughy' and 'AB1974' mention a system for attaching temporary davits for putting the inflatable on - however the picture Cloughy attached isn't there.

Anyone got a pic or diagram I can have a gander at please??

Ta in advance.

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4 hours ago, Aleana said:


NZ made but using Valmex (German material) which looks heaps better than PVC.

Might not quite fit OP's budget and size but for others worth a look..

Valmax is PVC its made by a German company called Mehler Technologies it used to the industry standard but there is other brands that have really good products also now. 

There is now a material called TPU which you can weld like PVC but it has properties closer to Hyaplon but at half the cost. 

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Okay, clearly I did not explain myself well?

I'm talking about the apparatus that holds the inflatable on the stern - not what/which dinghy to buy/own.


I thought I had made it clear - davits? Cloughy & AB1974 comments in first part of thread?

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