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  1. beaugeste . before afternoon tea. first mono, Awen, in time for an afternoon beer.
  2. FC3 53. It's this exact boat here. Finot Conq... that's why it looks a little like a Pogo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHYJHVSSHhM
  3. Hahaha, might need to change the bait? I just thought it was a typo. My record for Te Kouma to westhaven is 19h. It was a different kind of record...
  4. Not a 12.50. But I’m struggling to place it.
  5. SO, while rambling through the internet I found these two videos. A couple, sailing an older boat (on the backs of their patrons but no need to hold that against them) Develop a crack during an open water passage. It's a pretty good example of staying calm. Also, Who carries a few kg of this kinda repair stuff? Start at 24:10 in the first vid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g_ARGtko7s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6YCq4cz06Y
  6. Can it not also include a vessel similar to those that the majority of us own? like Young, Ross, 1050, or something (Pogo...)? The forecast is shaping up to be a cracker, and I really wish I could be there for this.
  7. When you say structural failure I assume you include deck and cabin structure in that? Afaik there’s no mention of compromised hull integrity in the accounts so far given.
  8. This. So ideally you’ll want the windows and deck structure to flex at the same rate, and that any difference in flex be able to be taken up by the window fixings without failing. ie, decent polyurethane glue with a bit of flex.
  9. My scenario was more the inverted boat being like a, let’s see, ... a teapot upside down. There are a number of holes that let water in from (now) below, until the air pressure inside = water pressure outside.
  10. We don’t really have any passages down here that attract the kind of record breaking attempts like the Atlantic crossing from NY to lizard point do we? I mean we have our yearly drag race up the coast for which there’s a record, and things like the solo Tasman. But I mean more like an Auckland to Welly or Chch - pick-your-window-and-go kinda thing, rather than the lottery of what weather you get for an organised race. Or even Akl to Coro or something in between if you’re short on time like everyone is these days.
  11. DrWatson

    The Boat

    So what do we think the top speeds might be for these things? Or average speeds (up and down wind VMG) And what is the potential to scale up even further, to, say 200ft?
  12. DrWatson


    From 2:00 you can see Charal foiling clear of the water... I think we'll see record times soon being set for the Vendee
  13. If the boat is inverted and two metres under, the increased pressure from the air inside the cabin being compressed should = the increased pressure from the water column pushing back against the windows, no? I'm putting my money on hydraulic shock, and windows held in by only a row of screws and a bead of sika to seal it as opposed to being fully bonded to the cabin structure. Properly bonded windows should be as strong as the deck w.r.t. load transfer etc.
  14. Yeah, but I think with those big windows missing, and breaking waves on deck, you'll be taking +100 litres with every wave... doesn't take much before the boat is 3T heavier, then 5, etc etc.
  15. Exactly. The pins will fit the chain but the shackle bow won’t. So to have the pin pass through the anchor shank rather than the bow, two shackles is how I've done it.
  16. Yeah I’d wondered about that. I honestly haven’t looked at what is there in terms of specs, but for the moment trusted that the pogo yard would spec something at least half decent. Will set up some tweakers for next spring and report back then as it’s likely the easiest mod to make and won’t be bad to have any way.
  17. That current windy prediction is going to produce a real tactical battle. How far can you get before it gets light? How far can you get once it's gone light (if you stay in? or if you go a little wider?) How far out do you want to be when it changes to N? (obviously around the corner but few will be there...)
  18. Yeah me too, but I'm led to believe that KM knows his stuff with ropes, chains n whips. Our cruising set up is 16kg Excel Sarca, 2x certified green pin Bow shackles (monel siezed), 40m G4 8mm AQUA4 Maggi, spliced to 60m Lyros 14mm 3 strand laid polyester. 83kg total.
  19. Exactly what i had in mind.
  20. Longsleeve loose white cotton or linen shirts with large cuffs n collar. Medium brimmed straw hat I got from H&M in Prague for €5. it’s got a loose weave top that means it stays on even when it’s gusting 30. there’s never a pressure differential, apparently. A dab of zinc based sunblock on m lips n nose and smeared on the bits that went shaded all the time. I hate wearing sunblock. Feels ick. Next summer a pair of white loose long leg pants might also be employed. Dressed thus one looks a right royal tosser but it bloody works!
  21. According to KM, yes... So I shall.
  22. Anyone willing or able to share experiences or recommendations on these swivels? Apparently the 8mm one is rated to +6T breaking load. https://youtu.be/k_DcEtcqcRU
  23. That could prove quite troublesome, I'm sure...
  24. True, running down the Adriatic from Triest or so might be much better than burning money on crew or vacation on sailing it there. Current costs are about €8500 per year for fixed + sails and breakages (ignoring depreciation)...
  25. That's what I've always done and it's a pleasure Fish, that's an important point about fully (experienced) crew or not. With only one or two on board, reefing or any manouvure takes longer and is more likely to result in more flogging until you've got it down pat (Ie have your method all sorted). With more/experienced crew, it is definitely easier and smoother for all those. Just noticed it on the last cruise, just one other experienced had made things (mostly) much better.
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