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  1. Mast Dimensions are MAXIMUM LENGTH: 14.9M PROFILE: 148mm x 100mm TAPER: starts at 2M from top. Tapers to 85 X 85 Price: $6000 Contact Stuart on 0274 901 884
  2. We do it the same way with our zero on Tigga. Seems to furl OK. This is a good tip too. We will add it to our zero furling process. a f u
  3. I have unbolted some fittings on my boat. Inside the deck they were fastened through a Stainles Steel backing plate. The backing plate appears to be sitting on a thin layer of a rubbery like compound something like Sikaflex. Is there a method or chemical to clean this stuff off the fibreglass? Or do I have to do it the tedious way and carefully scrape it off with a sharp chisel or similar. a.f.u
  4. Peter Mander and Jack Cropp. My boyhood yachting heroes.
  5. Here is a link that is very informative about the council plans for the mooring dolphins: - http://infocouncil.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/Open/2017/11/GB_20171123_AGN_6765_AT_SUP.PDF and here is a link to the council minutes where they agreed to proceed with the dolphins - http://infocouncil.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/Open/2017/11/GB_20171123_MIN_6765.PDF There is interesting reading here: My view is The construction of mooring dolphins into the harbour should be opposed by all sailors using the harbour for the following reasons:- Encroachment on the harbour waterway. This will cut down the width of harbour available to yachting, and all other harbour traffic . Safety. Two dolphins connected to Queens Wharf by a walkway will become a hazard to yachts. Especially in conditions of light wind and strong tide. Conceivably motor launches who are not paying attention as they go up or down the harbour could also run afoul of them. Safety II: An even bigger hazard at night, no matter how well they may be lit as any lighting will be lost in the background lighting coming from Auckland downtown. Is it really needed. In other parts of the world large cruise ships are often anchored off the wharf area. Course Modification. Clubs will need to modify their harbour courses so that racing yachts are encouraged to keep away from the dolphins. a.f.u
  6. Talk to Solas Propellors in Christchurch. http://www.propellers.co.nz Ph:0800 776 774 They have a wide selection of props to fit most applications. I get the 4 blade high thrust for my 9.8 Tohatsu from them and it works well. a.f.u
  7. The Spanish beauty also visited us after the regatta sail yesterday. We discovered she does not like Rum. One of our crew members is South American so there was quite a discussion in Spanish. I filled in the survey for her while the other crew members tried to recruit her to join the sailing team. Sadly their efforts were unsuccessful. We are Squad members and no mention of the survey has reached us. Would not know who she talked to at Squad. She showed us some pictures of various exotic marine pests. The crabby looking one was unfamiliar to us. As always we would be interested to see the results of her work. I hope the marina would publish relevant parts of it in their email newsletter. a.f.u
  8. Good explanation Knot Me. I am thinking of replacing some of my stanchion wires with Dyneema or similar. What would you suggest? a.f.u.
  9. My boat is fitted with Lewmar clutches that on the whole do a good job. One of my crew members remarked that the clutches holding the vang lines were hard to lift the lever and release when the rope was under load. Do any forum members have any suggestions for rope clutches that are easy to release when under load? a.f.u
  10. My boat is rigged with 1/4"" 1x19 Stainless rigging wire. The rig is now 8 years old. The boat is raced regularly on Auckland Harbour. Can any forum members advise me on on the expected life of this sort of rigging wire? a.f.u
  11. Yep Knot Me, Chains Rope and Anchors. afu
  12. Attached article is in the Westhaven newsletter and easily accessible on the Westhaven Marina website. Not sure if it simplifies things or not. My boat is very simple electrically and I am feeling somewhat exploited by these new rules if I must do all this so I can plug the battery charger in. a.f.u Electrical Regs.pdf
  13. Looking closely at my boat the other day the topsides need a polish. By topsides i mean from the waterline to the gunwale. Usually I do jobs like this myself but at the moment my time is fully taken up. Boat is in Westhaven. Do any forum members know anyone they could suggest to do this job? a.f.u
  14. I bought one from Harken/Fosters approx 1 year ago. Cost was $356.00 (inc GST). They had to bring it in from the USA for me. But it was the tool I needed to do some serious tweaking on my boat. Couple of things the supplier will need to know if you head off and buy one:- - Type of rigging, Rod or laid wire. The gauge is different depending on which type . - Diameter of rigging wire. Loos gauges are made to fit various sizes and you need to get one that fits your wire. a.f.u
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