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  1. Whats with the little bow seat? I like it. looks like a good spot for quiet meditation., in the calm anyway.
  2. Great article. Should be compulsory reading for everyone in the western world
  3. Not sure what the sentence was but the non parole time was 17 years.
  4. rossd


    Copper coat 3 years. Limpets, barnacles and rock oysters certainly cannot get a foothold. Bit of weedy stuff ,fairly easy to get off, went right over with a scotchbrite at one point that seemed to improve its effectiveness.few mussels got a hold in the corner between keel and hull.
  5. 410 CCA starting and from memory deep cycle 125a/h fla. I haven’t got an auto charge setup but oldfashioned manual switch: off,1,1plus 2,2 type trip. Have 40 watt panel permanently hard wired to a good controller on the house battery. Switch off when not onboard so batteries isolated.
  6. Yes i tend to agree Wheels Powertech Solar Trickle Charger model MB,3504 The warning is: You must disconnect the charger when starting your engine or driving. Electrical surges from the car engine when starting and running may damage your charger
  7. IT it says it has blocking diodes Quote: "The Charger will not damage or overcharge your battery. Similarly ,a blocking diode ensures that the charger cannot flatten your battery." Brought from J Car
  8. After buying a Powerteck charger I read it shouldnt be connecting when engine running as alternator might damage it. Are they just being extra cautious or what? wouldnt want it to catch fire or something. Could put in a switch but thats just something else to remember or forget. Power rating 1.5w rated voltage Vmp17.5V Rated current Imp 85.7 mA Open circuit Voltage Voc 21V Short circuit Current Isc 107mA
  9. rossd


    The marine chart measurement function is in Kms. which is a bit odd, cannot find a switch to N Miles?
  10. rossd

    Bunk Lee Cloths

    Thanks for that, I will cut it down a bit and flag the dowel , just a hassle to store.
  11. rossd

    Bunk Lee Cloths

    Am going to install a couple of lee cloths using the fabric from camp stretchers, the sprung steel support ones. Was thinking of using a 15 or 20 mm dowel through the hem already there and attaching rope around that and through the cutouts in fabric. Internet seems a bit divided on length, either from knees to shoulders or full bunk length? Also the height, some say 18 inches which seems lot to me , would not 300mm be OK? Is it going to work? Just for overnight coastal use nothing to dramatic weather wise I hope.
  12. rossd

    Optolamp wiring

    Yes looking at wires again I thought maybe not posable. Mind i also have low nav lights so masthead white ok wirh them. Bit late now though.would have needed seperate white up there
  13. rossd

    Optolamp wiring

    IT. I am wiring up an optolamp i got off you. I thought i was going to be able to use the all round white as a steaming light as well as anchor but the 3 way switch supplied allows only tri or anchor not both together. Could i wire the 2 grey wires on seperate switches so as to use both at once? I am not interested in the strobe.
  14. My understanding ,Sounds like a European couple who are somewhat incompetent. Were advised by Whakatane harbourmaster not to attempt the trip from Whakatane to Gisborne at that time. Then attempted to shelter but couldnt anchor. Sent 2 maydays , one each but couldnt give a location. After found the coastguard set there anchor which was later lost resulting in 3rd mayday. Towed back to Whakatane.
  15. rossd


    Lets hope he remembers to back out
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