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Just been reading up on offshore regs. Wow. Just wow.

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Funnily enough the boat carried on and without them sailed all the way to Queensland!




And funnily enough, that very episode is cited as evidence of the seaworthiness of the Compass 790 in an ad currently on TM. Maybe the owner read this thread :) ...



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Yes you are wrong on SSR. The SSR has no connection to VAT status. You may find that you are asked for proof of address and residency in the UK when you apply. This may take the form of Council Tax paperwork. The SSR is a very good system and a similar one in NZ would be good. Cost is not “one off” as posted in an earlier post but is required every 5 years.


As an aside I would be interested in any TRUE and first hand stories of people who have had difficulties with CAT 1. I know of only one when a vessel was hauled three months before departure and a CAT1 inspector inspected it, then prior to departure the (different) CAT1 inspector said it required slipping again despite earlier inspection. A simple phone call resolved this matter and the vessel was not reslipped.


I am just interested in factual issues rather than third hand perceptions.

The original NZ yacht Rego was based on the UK SSR, I think if memory serves, it cost $25.00 NZ. Unfortunately once the user pays / cost recovery idea became the Norm with bureaucratic bean counters, they basically took the total costs of running the department and spread it over all users. So rather than paying for what you got, you were paying a share of whatever the other users got as well. All done with no accountability!

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