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SSANZ 2020 Round North Island Race

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Looking similar to 2011 with 40 entries. Hope the weather is better. Is it to early to say that? :)

Keep thinking like that Wil, if only half get around it will definitely help with berthage.


I have just been turned down by the commercial port in Napier.

So now I’m chasing the City Council to get guaranteed access to the Ahuriri Inlet wall, if the weather is good it won’t be a problem as the fishing fleet will be out, but if not ?


Herdy is working on options in Welly

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The wall is first in best moored, it’s owned by the city council and is free to use.

The thing is if the weather is good and the fishing fleet is out then we have no problem, however this not even I can predict.

If we can make an arrangement with the city council to reserve a section then all we will need to do is make each yacht carry a fender board, or we will make some up and have them ready.

The wheels of bureaucracy don’t turn fast however


Similar talks are happening in Wellington


We are still hoping to get everyone that’s serious and ready to go a start, however the wait list is still growing, so we need anyone that’s got a spot and have something come up that may exclude them to keep us in the loop so we can give others the opportunity to make the start line.

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We reopened entries to the wait list as Herdy has managed to get access to Queens Wharf in Wellington, Napier is still a work in progress but they will manage I’m sure.

36 entries now two more coming, that’s it (or actually over it)

If any drop out we may or may not accept a replacement depending on developing berthage arrangements, we have actually over sold this race so hoping everyone makes it but it will actually help if some don’t. (Did I say that out loud ?)

This will be the biggest fleet ever (36 entries in 2011)

Only 222 days to go

Can’t wait

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