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Kawau Island yacht club

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If you mean the Squaddy boat owners meeting last Thursday, it wasn't discussed, the meeting was only about racing. I didn't hear any talk about it.

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OK, what I heard was that there was a meeting last week (not sure if it was a special one or what), at which the Kawau Yacht club was discussed, and that there was a deal that has been done to open it again with new personnel. All second hand, no real details or official confirmation.


I thought it would have been the meeting you went to Wild Oats, but obviously not.


I was wondering if it was true.... Perhaps just I rumor, but I hope not!


What did Chris Dickson's email say?

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It seems to have been deleted but someone should have a copy, I heard it went to all KIYC members.


Rather than me give you my take on it I think it would be fairer to read it yourself. I only did a high speed skim of it so may have not picked up all of what Chris was saying... or picked up more then he was saying.


The gist was to get it up and going again... just how and under whose direction/ownership is the bit I'll refrain from saying.


I'll hunt down a copy of the email.

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31 May 2014


To All past, present and future members of KIYC


You may not be aware that at the end of April the RNZYS closed the doors of the KIYC. Over the past 4 month there has been a lot of discussion with the conclusion that the RNZYS has said they will voluntarily step aside from their management and control of the KIYC and the RNZYS has invited offers for the purchase of the land and buildings.



The doors of the KIYC premises at Kawau Island are closed and locked. There is no KIYC activity. The shop, bar and fuel sales are CLOSED. The manager Mrs Paddy has been made redundant.

Annual memberships run to the end of May each year (today) and at this time, it is fair to say renewals and the clubs future are on hold.

The RNZYS has agreed to call a General Meeting of the KIYC with the date and time to be advised.



There appears to be a significant majority of KIYC members (and non-members) in favour of the KIYC continuing. The group of members behind this correspondence would like to see the KIYC continue, be modernized, stay in its existing premises and promote boating in the Kawau area whilst also being in control of its own destiny.

Two groups of members have responded to the RNZYS call for offers.

The two groups are working together and have made separate offers to buy the Land.




1) Attend the forthcoming General Meeting, make changes to the Incorporation Agreement and vote in new and independent officers

2) We require 75% support to change the Incorporation Agreement to have the KIYC run by KIYC members for the benefit of the KIYC.

3) Following the above, hold discussion on securing assets and premises and our offer to purchase LOT 270 from the RNZYS and to encourage the RNZYS officers and members to accept our $300,000 offer. The land would then be set up so the KIYC is the beneficiary of a permanent home.



Our group has done considerable research and instigated this newsletter to put you in the picture. We are in the process of setting up a website and will update email addresses to keep all interested parties informed.


We expect a formal meeting of the KIYC to be notified shortly with the meeting to take place before the end of July.


We will keep you informed.


Yours sincerely,

Chris Dickson & Co.


“Save the Kawau Island Yacht Club”

Any questions or to update your email or add others to the email list:




A brief History of the KIYC

1951. Formal meetings held, draft rules made, plans for premises made

1952. The KIYC was incorporated, bank account opened and the club commenced formal operations

1954. KIYC building constructed by KIYC members and donations from KIYC members. The jetty was built and a license for the jetty negotiated with the Rodney Council

1954 to 2014. Annual regatta and other events held at KIYC.

1983. The KIYC was re-incorporated (KIYC (1982) Inc). Significantly, in the new Incorporation agreement, full control and management of KIYC rests with the RNZYS. KIYC assets pass to RNZYS control.

2011. KIYC holds 60th Anniversary races and function

2013. KIYC makes an operating surplus of $19,000 and shows net assets of $82,000

2013. RNZYS puts members on notice of their intention to close the KIYC.

2014. Doors closed


History of the land ownership of LOT 270 DP 7675

1950’s. Owned by the Lidgard family

1969. Following the tragic loss at sea of members of the Lidgard family the guarantor ( British Petroleum) of the Lidgard mortgage on the KIYC property stepped in and bought the property at mortgagee sale.

1975. The Auckland Motor Yacht Club (AMYC) purchase the freehold land from BP

1982. The KIYC land was gifted by the AMYC to the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

2013. The RNZYS opened discussions to sell the property

2014. An offer to purchase the property was made to the RNZYS by KIYC members for the sum of $300,000


History of the KIYC tenancy on LOT 270

1951. The Lidgard family offers to gift the KIYC a permanent site on LOT 270.

1952. A formal Lease was entered into between the Lidgard family and KIYC for the Peppercorn amount of One Shilling per year and for an initial term of 30 years with a right of renewal for a further 30 years.

1982 to 2014. The KIYC has paid $15,000 per annum rent to the RNZYS in addition to other fees and charges.

2014. There appears to be no formal lease in place and no record of any lease between the KIYC and the RNZYS

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I assume the 2014 offer of 300k is from Chris Dickson and Co?


If so and depending on the parcel size and title is seems like a hell of a land grab. Assuming thats the whole shooting match, land, buildings wharf etc.


I would expect there are some impending resource management issues around fuel tankage and sewerage/water which might cost a bit to sort and could be hard to budget so maybe that's reflected in the price. If indeed 300k is the number.

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Given the figures the Squaddy were talking about to get it up to scratch then they should grab the $300k and run, especially since they appear to have got it for nix anyway. There's no future in it for them. Their membership is largely self sufficient and they have Lidgard House which is far more useful for their members and sailing programmes. If the KIYC members/locals wanna grab the ball and run then all power to them.

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There was an ad / EOI for a Manager for the summer by a new entity in Saturday's Herald.

I haven't caught up who and on what terms did the deal with RNZYS.


Hopefully it will lead to a favourable result for all parties and users

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There was an ad / EOI for a Manager for the summer by a new entity in Saturday's Herald.

I haven't caught up who and on what terms did the deal with RNZYS.


Hopefully it will lead to a favourable result for all parties and users


Yep there is hope and then all going well we'll see how many actually join up and support the new club or just simply want to tie up get free water and use the bog.

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