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Formula One Final Reduction Before Dismantling


Last chance to own this 52 foot fast harbour racer

Plenty of sails

Cheap to run

Perfect for a group or syndicate

Still very competitive

Fun to sail

Fantastic value for money

Ready to race

Call for inventory - too much to list.

Phone Harry Dodson 021 772427 or 09 441 3152

Email Harry@dodson.co.nz

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Pretty sure there is nothing wrong with it. Just not much call for a 50ft harbour racer.


Actually the 50's are having a bit of a revival in the Squaddie.

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It seems too cheap is it broken waterlogged or about to blow up?


Having raced this boat for the last 15 years, this is a great boat, and has nothing wrong with it. We were still winning races in A division last year and we also won the RNZYS Wed Night series 9 years in a row in A Div on Hcp. This is an absolute bargain, and a fun boat to race!

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For that kind of money you'd put swap out the hull for something a bit more modern and have yourself a very well equipped and competitive boat. I was looking at the rig numbers for Formula 1 today (she has a Southern rig) and it would be up to the task for a reasonably powerful modern hull.

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