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2014 SSANZ SAS Series Evolution 100

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Weather is looking interesting :?

Metservice earlier today was predicting 4 kts on one page, 20 on another. Metvuw suggests 5 kts variable. Predict wind is saying bugger all so I'm told.


I'd be hoping for the 20 over the 4.

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I'm not the OD for this one Steve Newcombe is, but you should prepare for the possibility of sailing the courses below by the looks.

Not saying this will happen but just be ready if nothing changes.


Check amendments as some of this has changed

In the case of unfavourable weather the SSANZ Committee Boat may fly Code Flag S in which case some or all divisions shall sail the short course. Divisions to sail the Short Course will be advised prior to the start on VHF Ch 77

Safety at Sea Longhaul Short Course:

Start rounding Tiri Channel Navy Buoy (starboard), rounding Haystack (Oropapa) Island (starboard) passing Rakino Island (starboard), rounding Motuihe Island (starboard) to finish Orakei Wharf (approx. 35nm)

Safety at Sea Shorthaul Short Course:

Start rounding Haystack (Oropapa) Island (starboard), rounding Motuihe Island (starboard) to finish Orakei Wharf (approx. 27nm)

Check amendments as this has changed

Safety at Sea Smallboat Short Course:

Start rounding Saltworks Buoy (starboard), Northern Leading Buoy (port), Motukorea Buoy (port), Illomama Buoy (starboard) Browns Island Navy Buoy (starboard) to finish Orakei Wharf (approx. 15nm)

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No BS your not missing anything, it's looking better this morning, but just a heads up if your plotting the courses that the short course is a possibility.

We don't mind if you won't finish until the following morning, after all it's a yacht race !

But if it's looking like a lot of the fleet won't finish within the limit then we may consider the short course.


My pay to pack an extra pie I'm thinking :thumbup:

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Back to looking light again but there is a suggestion it's a solid light. At least it's not looking like a sail slapper at the moment..... but the word variable does pop up more than once.

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from the SI's the time limit is 8pm on Sunday night, lets not even consider the shortened course for shorthaul. this series all about a challenge isn't it, not about whether you get a little bit tired because you had to sail through the night in light airs. To do 80 miles in 24 hours requires an average just over 3 knots. perfectly acceptable in 5-10 as predict wind is saying. and even then you finish at 9 in the morning, still another 11 hours before you hit the time limit.


i'm just saying for the shorthaul - 35 hours is more than enough to do a 80 mile course.

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SSANZ EVOLUTION SAILS 100 - Y88 UPDATE. Whether the weather will or won't....


We have had fingers and toes crossed all week for wind to get back home for brekky in bed on Dads Day and it seems we might be lucky..


Current models fairly well aligned with breeze from Easterly quarter building from 7 knots up to, gusting 27 knots at midnight.




Note to SSANZ .... Course 2 please not reachy reachy out to Little Barrier and back.




SSANZ series results to date has the 88 fleet as close as usual in with Jacko "the bandit" on Sailor moon leading from Binno 2nd on HnH and Mike on "The Machine" in 3rd on line and just holding 1st on h'cap.


To all entrants dont forget to turn on your PredictWind trackers and share the link on the SSANZ web site http://www.ssanz.co.nz/ with your friends and family so they can keep an eye on your progress.




Tracker Tips:

Download the app,


Yacht Club: SSANZ

Race: Evolution Sails 100

Division: Shorthaul 4 for Y88s

Boat Name:

You can do all this today


Turn tracking on


Put phone in a car windscreen mount stuck to inside of cabin window


Plug in to your cigarette lighter


If you need a hand or advice with the tech put a reply here.


Game on and we'll see you out there .. don't forget your umbrella, coffee and extra pies, KFC or whatever crap you eat on your 2 hander.

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Well they all got away cleanly. Minimal pushing the line at the gun. SE of 10 there abouts, seemed like it'll stay and should build a bit bit not too much. Some showers seen in the distance.


No dramas or good action to report really. Last seen heading East and getting along OK. Multis flying hulls easily so they were off.


Watching Charleston and even at pace when she gets a puff she accelerates bloody fast. Not too shy in popping up a hull either, but neither was Taiping when she dived into a dip behind a tacking 888.

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The tracker is showing some nice speeds so they must have some wind out there but it seems to be dropping away here over the last hour or so. Hope it holds in for the fleet or it could be a long night for many.

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Any truth to the rumour that sudden impulse developed a furling spinnaker?



Meanwhile on faster coyote......

Was interesting for us when the furling line on the fro jumps off the furler. was instrumental in getting us from dead donkey last back into it. Time to drop and after a skid that shook the sheets off and we have to resort todoing a letterbox drop in a squall with a furler that's trying to knok me out. Fell back off the pace upwind. More downwind next time please.

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An okay race for us, reasonable start and went round Motutapu in good shape. Used the Code0 in company with the SR26's until it got sloppy and gusty after Rakino. Watched a whole lot of boats heading for Tiri.......

Cracked a 3/4 genny shortly after and carried that all the way to and round Little Barrier with only Motorboat and Entertainer in front, however the latter wrapped their kite and carried on towards the Mokes letting us though.

Coming home wasn't a happy thing, no power in the #3 to get through the waves, changed up, managed to clear Kawau just and were halfway to Whangaparaoa when the southerly hit. After that everything got blurred. We did well hugging the Whangaparaoa shore through Tiri Passage and thought we were still in it as we crossed ahead of Tickled Pink and Grunt Machine who had passed us us earlier.

Were hoping for a 4th or 5th but gutted when some SR26's and Cool Change slipped in ahead so we ended up 8th line, 5th handicap. Just over our racetrack rating so happy enough but wish I knew how those boats slipped though. Couldn't get my tracker to work at all but my phone was playing up with the cold and damp.

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