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Old multihull pics

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GBE Catattack

If we could see the sail numbers Phil they will be easy to ID, can you d a higher res version?


Catattack has had a few names.

Wang computers, catattack, St Laurence, now G force.  


I did a lot of sailing on her in welly as St laurence.

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Heres Storm before Andy bought Ocean Pacific, Silveraider, Crowded House and another unidentified GBE further to leeward. A NZMYC winter race when we used to do it from Orakei Wharf and had turns at running the start/finish, I guess it must have been my turn that day...


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here you go Freeeeeeeeeeeeedom, some Voom build pics. As you can see it was in a bit of a state when I got hold of it.

Cockpits and cabin tops all had plywood cancer and had to go


All the bulkheads and bunk tops had to go too


which made it easy to cut the front off, reshape and squeeze the bow together.


once that was taped up new bulkheads and bunk top to match the new bow sections were made

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Energizer is definitely a Tennant design, most likely a Redshift 10m, see below.

Exodus is a Ron Given design 10m

How about posting a few pics of your boat sailing.





I wish I could, Pal.   She is still on the hard for the winter (we got another 8 inches of snow overnight!)


I don't expect to launch until April, but expect to be prolific with footage after that!

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