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Auckland to Tauranga Race

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The start is from the Squadron starting box across to a buoy approx at right angles to the course down the harbour. Due to start on Thursday 2nd April at 10.00 am.

Look out for Vodafone who will be trying to get the race record which has eluded them so far.

Anarchy will be out there, too, so how they do will be interesting. 

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good to see Ran Tan out there, too, and with Booboo aboard it will be competitive. 

In some wind conditions boats have the choice of Rangi channel as well as Motuihe as the Rangi route avoids the wind shadow effect, it can be quite a challenge in that decision. 

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It looks like it will be light and challenging to start with, the first big decision is whether to pick the Rangi channel or Motuihe Passage going by Predictwind. That will sort the men out from the boys for a start.


Here is an image from 2013.


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Interesting that there are 2 Frenzy trackers showing, sailing slightly different courses.....but presumably on the same boat and polling at different times...

The crew have voted and it's your time to leave, now jump and start swimming  :)


No record in this race, bar maybe the level of some hangovers.

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