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Yacht registration

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Part "B" is the same as car rego, it doesn't imply or confer ownership to the holder. As K/me says the only way is to have a paper trail going back as far as possible. I expect that most overseas bureaucrats will accept the NZ part "B" certificate as proof of ownership, because they are not aware that it doesn't!

For proof of ownership of any asset in NZ, isn't our only option the Personal Property Securities Register

Certainly that's what the banks and finance companies use.

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I know it is easy enough to register a yacht offshore but looking at the Ship Registration Act 1992 I was wondering what is the situation when a New Zealand citizen or resident owns a foreign registered yacht and wishes to depart New Zealand waters on it?





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Pity NZ doesn't copy Australia on this, a one-off fee of $1,544 valid until a change of ownership and it's a register of title as well plus no Cat 1. They also offer a temporary pass at $333 one-way, transfer of ownership is $444 and a replacement certificate is $222. Doesn't make NZ quite so attractive.


Anyone know what a tonnage survey would cost in NZ?

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All to avoid Cat 1?


IMO Cat 1 is like a WOF for your boat. The standards and regs come from the sum of the things learnt from issues in the past, and from many more sea miles than any of us have individually.


The only real issue I have with our Cat 1 system is that it is too far behind current technology. Like LED flares, modern construction, cordage, anchors,  as well as electronics etc.


In my experience, the inspectors (bar one) were very reasonable, and would make allowances outside the letter of the rules if you had good reasons for what you had, or why the boat was like it was. Many people have been frightened off even discussing requirements with local inspectors before repeating rumor and innuendo, and thereby propagating  inaccurate info.  My advice is, if you have a boat and are considering Cat 1, talk to your local inspector early, and get him involved. You will find it is not as bad as many make out. If you find you have an issue with one, try a different inspector.


Leaving and returning to NZ is the highest risk passage that many (most?) cruisers make - at least those who come to, and leave from NZ.


If you boat or yourself are not up to the Cat 1 standard, should you be going??


Oh, and finally, if your the skipper of an offshore registered boat, and you return here, Customs will want written proof of the GST status of the vessel, or you will be required to pay GST on entry to NZ.

I agree totally agree , I suppose you can get an unreasonable inspector , that's always a risk. On the other hand my wife's uncle did a 7 year circumnavigation in a 31 ft boat and spent a lot of time in the high latitudes. He did Cat 1 inspections for a few years, afterwards and you could not have a more experienced and reasonable person for that purpose. 

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Personally, it won't be about avoiding Cat 1 it will be avoiding the ongoing costs and regulations. I intend to have an inspector give us a Cat 1 look over and comply with cat 1 standards as they are good ideas however the limited duration and repeated nature of them makes me want to bypass it all.


My better half crewed to Fiji in May and she counted at least 6 boats that departed solely because their Cat 1 was going to expire. May had a pretty long wait between windows and this created pressure to depart before the cat 1 expired, They left and the ones she caught up with in the islands all said it was a horrible passage but not worth the $600+

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