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Marshall Law Ross 40, 2 handed build up.

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looking at your deck layout:post-789-0-46965000-1465000176.jpg

The winches seem to have popped up like a crop of pimples on a teenager.


Do you actually use them all?


I'm actually interested from a cockpit/deck layout perspective...

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This is my understanding if it through Im sure Smithy will update.

On each side of the cockpit there is a Running backstay (aft), mainsheet (middle just in front of the wheel) and genoa/brace winch (front end of cockpit), then 2 on the cabintop each side for the halyards and spinnaker sheets (also used for the jib when sheeted on the cabintop tracks).


Remember on boats of this size jib and spinnaker halyards need to be kept on winches.

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Yes Booboo has it right. Furthest aft are runners. Coming forward is Mainsheet. Then Kite sheet/guy.


The two outer cabin top Lewmars are Jib sheets, or kite/ genny sheet. Like Phil says, once you have gone electric for halyard/reef/cunningham/ last few metres on the kite when it has already filled, you never go back, especially two handed. That winch is a godsend.. The small cabin top self tailer is good for halyards when the clutches slip...


It's not a bad set up. Two handed, the helm can trim the main, especially after Gavin McPherson (He knows some stuff that man) repositioned the stripper so the mainsheet comes easily to hand. Two handed, the helm looks after the runners as well, but this is not so critical now we have swept spreaders.. Two handed gybes were interesting before that...


We just need seperate outboard autopilot controls at each helm, along with a vang dump valve or switch.. All in the pipeline!!  :razz:  :razz:

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The mighty Marshall has had a series of ups and downs so far.

The Ssanz 100 was a thoroughly enjoyable race and a well successful first 2 handed race together for Phil and Smithy.


With Smithy working offshore and Phil having had a losing argument with a running skilsaw in June we didn’t make the 60 so it was all on for the 100.

Due to Phils hand still recovering full strength Smithy volunteered to do bow which was greatly appreciated by the intelligent (?) autohelm ( Phil) which is a debatable role at the best of times.

We had a conservative start off the line (planned of course) with the jibtop set (once Smithy had remembered where it sheeted to) and just laid Rangi light catching the fleet.

Once past Rangi light we cracked off to Tiri where lots of threatening clouds seemed to bring more rain than wind, but lots of shifts. After Tiri passage it was a peel to the code zero with time to tidy up the Jibtop. This worked well for us as we rolled Planet X, Nosaka and Fiction and caught more of the fleet. Then another peel to the masthead kite after Motuora.

A 60 degree windshift had us on a tight reach to clear Challenger island, luckily the wind lifted as we got past Challenger and we laid through to flat rock easily, rolling Provincial Cowboy who didn’t lay with their kite and ended up under a code zero.

Round flat rock and well set up for a lay through to Durvill rock with the no3 and full main. A couple of hefty rain squalls didn’t dampen our spirits as we held onto Nosaka and kept in contact with Provincial Cowboy who although is a sister ship has ½ a metre deeper keel and another 400kg’s on the bulb so tends to kick our ass upwind.

We were well pleased when we rounded Durvill right behind Provincial Cowboy and Nosaka and set our A1 as they set their a3 and sucked it badly.

It was a tough call with a few rain squalls on the horizon but we figured we had plenty of sea room to go down if we got overpowered and our A1 is in a snuffer which ( theoretically) should make it easy to douse if necessary.

A really nice run saw us chasing Dolphins, rolling Nosaka and almost match racing Provincial Cowboy once they peeled to a masthead kite and caught up. It was turning into a great day.


On dusk close to black rocks we made the call to go for the no 2 for the short upwind to Cow and calf (very bad move). It was all good for about 20 minutes until the clouds rolled in and in pitch black the wind started to rise. We had great speed to start with but first one reef, then a second saw us into survival mode getting smashed upwind. The second reefing line managed to loop itself around the end of the boom so with limited outhaul on the second reef the main looked like a baggy bag of baggy shite and the no 2 was taking a hammering.

We also lost spacial awareness in the chaos so weren’t taking enough care of whether we were lifting or knocking. Postrace analysis sees us sucking the kumara on a big port tack knock as several boats tacked onto starboard and snuck inside us on a lift. We then overlaid the calf which cost us more time. Bugger.

Once we were round the calf and out of Coromandel’s shelter the fun really began.

The combination of some cranky gusts and 2 metre breaking seas smacking the stern of the boat had us spinning out and laying flat with everything shaking several times. At one point Smithy popped down to look at the wind instruments, when I asked what it was blowing his reply was “ Phil you really don’t want to know!!”


After 20 minutes on the helm I’d had enough and Smithy took over and scored the top send of the day with 17 knots showing on the speedo. As aiming straight to Shag island just had us constantly spinning out we opted to aim low and come up later.

This tactic seemed to work and had us doing some epic sends in breaking seas with phosphorescence going nuts all around us and the decks all a sparkle with washed up phos. It was a pity I didn’t get any video of this but we had a bit on.

The conditions eased as we got close to Shag island and could come back to course without getting smashed.

Then it was the big bear away to Gannet rock still doing 13 - 16 knots under a double reefed main and the no2 we opted to not go for a kite which kept Mr cock up safely in his box. Mr cock up almost came to visit when we discovered we were only a boat length away from the rocks at the point off Hooks bay but we won’t mention that. Clear is clear.


Round Gannet we decided that the no2 had had enough of a beating for one day and peeled to the no 4 as it was still showing 30 odd knots at Tiri and Bean rock.

Then it was a long cold lay through to the finish up Motutapu channel. In pitch black with the city lights in the background the finish boat was bloody hard to see so it was with relief we saw them shining their spotlight on us at midnight.

An hour later saw us sitting on the sunfast in a postrace rumbo debrief with a few others.


Great race, thanks ssanz. 


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A few said they had trouble seeing us, the orange light was working all night, but it all depends on what traffic is on the waterfront behind and how many street sweepers with orange lights as well.

We always anchor about 200m off the end of the wharf, we had our race tracker on and we run AIS.

We will be a lot easier to see in Isslington bay for the last race plus if you finish the last and shortest race after dark you may have to take your own time as we could be busy.

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We found it quite easily just headed for Orakei wharf and it popped up on the AIS. That said there is a lot of background light from the port etc. Have always found it quite dis orientating coming in there at night because of that. The AIS is a godsend for tired sailor's.

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We found it very hard to see both the finish boat and bean rock. The lights in the background made it very hard to work out what was what. We could see the white hull then the big yellow light in the sky made sense as we got closer. I have found bean rock very hard to see until you get closer. Thank goodness for a new B & G chart plotter from Matt.

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