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Little Shoal Bay

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I was at LSB earlier today, and I noticed a couple of things that didn't look right.


The Orange GBE called "Horse" seems to have dragged its mooring, it is now a long way to the left, almost in front of the public ramp. Almost against the small Wharram. Last time I was there she was a lot further to the right (toward Birkenhead). The mooring seemed secure, but not where it used to be.


Also the big Piver-ish tri with rig down is being held by just one fluke of one pick anchor, the other anchor, which is a big plough, was just laying on the sand, but there was a long drag line where it had been pulling through the sand before breaking out. There was a dinghy tied to the boat, but no signs of life.


The whole dry mooring area looks a bit of a mess, possibly as a result of the odd weather we've had lately. I'd be guessing most of  those moorings were set up with SW winds in mind.


Anyone want to ease my mind? 


I called the assn' number on the sign and left a message, but have had no response.

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Funny, I was down there today as well, the place looks like a dump with all those run down boats so close to the shore line.  I'd be pretty unimpressed if that was my local beach to swim at with the kids.

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the place is shocking. i am concerned, as it may influence our ability to haul out over winter down there. The Harbourmaster was very good at getting rid of a derelict boat near voom (thanks mostly to freedoms chasing), perhaps we need to start chasing him re the dump that is LSB?

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One guy seems to own quite a few of those derelict wrecks. Or at least he has commandeered them in some way.


A while back he was living aboard a small TS, then I saw the same small TS towing a small (22 foot - ish) tri, and yesterday it was tied to Rapid Tranzit, that big ugly cream and green abandoned looking tri that seems to half sink every time the tide comes in, that's right up by the hardstand.


I also wondered whether it was his dinghy tied to the big piver, given that it is also looking abandoned and very run down.


Is there such a thing as squatters rights on boats in NZ??

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Both Horse and rapid Transit appear to be on legit moorings. According to the Ak Council GIS viewer (and assuming the grid ref is correct) Horses mooring location should be 40 meters south of the sea wall and just to the west of the ramp opening. I'm astonished that so many boats are left there to deteriorate. Council should clear the worst examples out IMO, but I suppose they are a hassle and cost to get rid of legally. And lets not forget they are someones private property, If they aren't a likely hazard and are on a surveyed mooring there is probably little Council can do.


That said I would have thought the Piver, if it has been abandoned, would have been towed away and chopped up by now.


What I'd like to see is the worst shitters gone and the ramp widened and concreted.

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Yes Rapid Tranzit still where it has been for ages. Horse definitely not where it was last time I was up there. It used to be relatively close to RT, yesterday was the furthest east of all moored boats, only a few metres away from the little red Hartley and the little grey Wharram. Floating between them, looking like a southerly shift could cause serious issues.


The new council GIS viewer doesn't seem to have moorings on it, and the old one doesn't seem to work anymore, so I haven't been able to check whether she's supposed to have moved.


I can fully understand how work and life can get in the way of maintaining boats/moorings/whatever, but I can't see the point in having what could be someones treasure tied up and slowly degrading. Which is why I've put mine on the market. I'm keeping the mooring because at some point I will get another boat.


When I'm up there and the tides out, I often wander around the derelict looking moored boats, and ask myself "why?"


Horse looks like it could be another great GBE if someone could put in the time required. She looks pretty cool in that bright orange, and appears to be all there. 


That whole N/W corner of the bay just looks messy at the moment. I think the council needs to take a look and sort it out.


Agree on the widen and concrete the ramp idea too!

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Geomaps (the new viewer) does have moorings; you need to select the Environment 'theme' next to the base map selector, open the moorings menu and select what you want to show.


looking at Horse I think its pretty much a basket case. Given what a good GBE is available for now its probably not worth putting the money or time into IMO. 

moorind gis.jpg

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