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  1. Wild Thing was given a very impressive upgrade & complete renovation several years ago, from memory there was a thread on this site. Was it a guy named Adrian? He sold it possibly down south?
  2. Mast up hardstand provides many savings in maintenance etc over a boat kept in the water. Dry sailing is very popular overseas where there are lots of facilities & infrastructure. Unfortunately in Auckland there aren't many options for larger boats (25 - 30 foot) which is a shame, especially as there are some awesome modern trailer boats available. Westhaven hardstand is almost as expensive as a small marina berth. The area of housing close to Bucklands Beach boat ramp doesn't have overhead power lines so some people there can keep their boat at home mast up & tow it down to the ra
  3. Ragged Hedge! nice move. Bringing it down to Auckland?
  4. Those are nice old school boats but maintenance would be likely the same as a keeler, if not more. Simon Minoprio designs some interesting aluminium boats & has just added a Sedan version with cruising comforts. I sold my keeler & will purchase something like this for the same reason as the OP. Search Innovision Boats for their website, definitely different design to current standard, possibly polarising but I like them & they perform.
  5. Wakatere last weekend, couldn't move for old codgers pulling their ok dinghies up from the beach. Definitely no lack in numbers there for an adult dinghy class. Also much more mid week after school sailing happening there for kids than when I was at school. Maybe that club has just got it's act together?
  6. Have Cooksons closed down or just moved elsewhere?
  7. Anyone know what's going on at Cookson Boats yard. Drove past tonight & it was fenced off.
  8. Check out the posts by Booboo from a couple of years ago, he did a nice job on his Marauder.
  9. Nice looking keel & bulb! Was a pretty unusual set up before with the forward angled keel. Will be a mint boat once back in the water.
  10. Haha no problems with going up the mast of an SR, going on the foredeck when sailing is a different matter....... The standard keel with the small bulb are pretty heavy. T-Rex old keel was over 750kg, new keel is 450kg. New Force seemed pretty stiff the few times I sailed near in a breeze. I'm pretty sure my masthead block is a Ronstan 40 series, it does seem a little on the small size but has been fine over 6 years. Someone like Marshy or Booboo would know for definite the best size.
  11. Is the pulley for the main halyard or masthead kite?
  12. That's a brilliant read, thanks for putting it up. Do you know what they meant by "flush decked racers" referring to the 2nd & 3rd boats launched? I also wonder if some economics wizz can tell us what a purchase price of $29k would equate to in today's money?
  13. smitty

    Pogo 36

    DrWatson, you are a man of fine tatste! Will look forward to seeing a Pogo 36 in NZ in future. Such a shame Structures are a small yard & can't produce more boats, there's obviously plenty of demand & I think that once one of their newer designs is seen in NZ some people will start to think about buying these rather than Bene etc.
  14. smitty


    I found that pretty interesting, thanks. Nice to see some fast boats being brought into NZ. Having a browse around it seems some of our newer faster yachts are listed for sail overseas but not in NZ, Rikki & Crusader as examples.
  15. I think this is what you call an "advertorial", although normally that would be disclosed in small print somewhere. I generally flick through each months Boating NZ at the supermarket & will buy it if it has 2 or 3 articles that seem of interest, which works out to maybe 3 copies a year. Their coverage of the last Coastal was even worse. Some discussion of the 52's & Anarchy mainly in a very short article from memory. As the overall monohull winner I got named incorrectly in the last line or two.
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