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Night lighting

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After reading about anchor lighting before annerversery weekend I went to maharangi for few days , a few mates up there and one said to me , you don’t have correct lighting , I don’t want to start this one off again so keep it short , I have a mast head light , I have cockpit light I that all I need , most only had mast lights , well

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I like to be seen , 'specially in a dark hull.

The negative is the fush. One year in Bowling alley we had a gang of rat kingies slapping away around the boat all night( normally its only one or two in the AM), another was a flying fish just swimming back and forth for hours.( NYE)

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They just seem to be scratching their backs  and they hit the boat with their tails as they U turn around the bow and stern. We've always had that happen on two different boats , usually first thing in the morning, but the gang of rats was quite different .... that was all night, the buggers.

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All you need at night is a single 360 degree white light.

*That meets the applicable standard (brightness & colour) and is mounted in a position that is visible from 360 deg. around your boat from far away and up reasonably close.

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Maritime Rule 20.30 


22.30 Anchored vessels and vessels aground

(1) A vessel at anchor must exhibit where it can best be seen—

(a) in the fore part, an all-round white light or one black ball; and (B) another all-round white light at or near the stern at a lower level than the light in the fore part; BUT if the vessel is less than 50 metres in length it may exhibit an all-round white light where it can best be seen instead of the lights referred to in subparagraphs (a) and (B) of this paragraph.

(2) A vessel of 100 metres or more in length must also use the available working or equivalent lights to illuminate its decks when at anchor. Any other vessel at anchor may do so also. MNZ Consolidation 1 April 2015 16 Part 22: Collision Prevention

(3) A vessel of less than 7 metres in length at anchor, not in or near a narrow channel, fairway, anchorage, or where other vessels normally navigate, is not required to exhibit the shape prescribed for a vessel at anchor.

(4) A vessel aground must exhibit the white light or lights for a vessel at anchor prescribed in rule 22.30 (1), and in addition, where they can best be seen— (a) two all-round red lights in a vertical line; and (B) three black balls in a vertical line.

(5) A vessel of less than 12 metres in length, when aground, is not required to exhibit the lights or shapes prescribed in 22.30(4) for a vessel aground.

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