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East or West Coast? Auckland to Wellington...

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Hi All,


I intend to sail my 38' steel sloop from Auckland to Wellington where she will stay.


I have extensive with blue water sailing (eg, NZ - islands) but have not sailed to Wellington before.


What are the pros and cons of either the west coast (heading north first) or the east coast? Places to stop, if any? Is it best to hang out up north after Cape Reinga and wait for a good window? If going east coast, is there an issue with headwinds after East Cape? These are things I have heard, hence my request to this wider, well-informed forum.


Also, is there a preferred time to go? Ideally, I would do this in the next weeks, month or so.


If this has been discussed before please advise which threads.


I am also looking for a crew member - see my other post.





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Bang on KM west coast is much more user friendly.East coast is a bloody nightmare,took me a month to deliver a yacht from Auckland to Nelson.Got pinned in Napier for 10 days southerly wouldn't stop.Finally got away then got hammered around Cape Palliser.

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Having done both coasts a couple of times, and both directions. Best idea is to be organised to go either way, and don't be totally fixed on a date. The weather will dictate which way is best, and you won't make the final decision until the day before you go.

Don't get hung up on which way people on here say is "the best".  Probably the only advantage of east over west is that there are a more places to stop if you want/need to. The weather forecast that YOU decide to go on will decide it for you, and it is not compulsory to get snotted.

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I have sailed both coasts, only one time each, but agree with PeteG - best route depends on the current forecast. In any case allow several extra days for the whole trip in order to delay departure, put into Gisborne/Napier/Mangonui, heave to, or whatever it takes to catch favourable winds or ride out snotty weather.

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Just returned from sailing my 31 footer RNI. Weather forecast should dictate what is best. In our case worst section was small leg from East Cape into Hicks Bay. Found weather data accurate within reason but west coast means you are too far out for updates so are relying on old data.

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That shelf between East Cape and Hicks can be horrible.

You have to go out around 15 miles to get deep water which is hard to get your head around for a 12 mile leg.

Last time heading North we had very steep seas with the peaks so close together it was hard to keep the boat moving.

Mind you I've had it flat calm there as well.

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