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Ross 930 Polars?

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Think the upwind and downwind boat speed is VMG Splat, they look pretty close for that.

Think I have the maths lying around somewhere so will hunt it out and update to include both.

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Why do those look slow to me?

I'm very surprised that no Elliot or Young boat owners have offered their thoughts to this question of why Ross polars look so slow...

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We like the expression ... "the rising tide lifts all boats"..     ;-)    :razz:    :thumbup:


88s have great tussles with 930's especially upwind.


The turbos are harder to hang onto and off the wind in a breeze a 930 will surf right on by.


Thread steal..... @MarkM, if you have some up to date 88 polars I am sure they would also be gratefully received?


What we have in the Young 88 Google Drive is from our friends at SailOnline

Y88 Polar Diagram.JPG

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Is the bump to do with sail polars? The transition from head sail to gennacker to spinnaker type of thing? Sailing too deep with a gennacker is slow, sailing too high with a spinnaker is slow kind of thing? 

There is an optimum speed and angle for every sail, which is reflected in the boats overall performance polar.

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DOH!!! Yes of course that makes perfect sense, unusual in your case but hey every dog has their day  :twisted:  ;)


I've been having one of those days and I should have got that myself. Maybe stressed about all the boating tomorrow, a lot on and all of it wrangling sails boats not on one, bummer!

Gee, looks like I'm starting to make a habit of making sense, who whaddathunk?


Your not going to play with guns tomorrow as well are you?.......................

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