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Pogo Loxo 32

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One of these would be pretty much ideal for my future boating around the inner gulf now I've sold our yacht. Do you have any more details on the boat and designer.

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1 hour ago, Bad Kitty said:

So the estimated weight was a bit out then?

I spoke to the crane driver in charge of that (almost put my foot in it, saying something about that screw up with the boat...) Must always remember to not make off handed comments on construction sites...

Boat was heavier than they thought, but that wasn't the problem, a strong wind gust did it. I think it was one of those downdraft events the media often refer to as a tornado. They were lifting the boat into the back yard of the house to the left. The house that got munted was the neighbours, who had nothing to do with anything...

Edit, it was going to the back yard of the same section the crane was sat on (grey roof). I think you can see timbers for it to sit on there.

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