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SSANZ 2020 Lewmar Triple Series

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Well spotted team

Great life lesson there, “always read the fine print, never trust the pretty pictures”

No call been made on finish location yet, but my pick would be Resolution Buoy again ( saving the gathering for our next event on the beach at bottom end on the 10th October)

Its .9nm shorter past Rangitoto light or 10% shorter so the only reason you wouldn’t go that way is if it was a light easterly with holes in the rangi channel perhaps 

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No, SSANZ has stated there are no other weekends available.  We can't race on Saturday or Sunday due to level 3 rules, so race 3 will be abandoned.

We could probably comply with social distancing, and number of people in a bubble, but under level 3 sailing is not allowed.


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What he said

We couldn’t change the weekend and remain part of the series due to the possibility that it wouldn’t suit some as per NoR

We considered a race that wouldn’t be part of the series but that’s really hard to fit in

We hoped that they may go L2 Saturday night then Sunday was on as we could delay the start.

You will all just have to do the Chains Ropes and Anchors Enduro on the 8th October, we are looking at giving a discounted entry to anyone that was entered in Saturday’s race

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