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Cruisair A/C

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The OceanAir guys did a great job abs got me up and running again.

Firstly, I had stupidly activated the child-lock mode whilst trying to change from F to C. 😳 Although the error message wasn’t exactly obvious.

Secondly, I didn’t realise that I have 2 completely separate units onboard. The newly discovered unit looks after the 2 aft cabins and was hidden underneath one of the deep cockpit lockers. 2nd 😳

Both systems needed re-gassing but once I was shown how to drive the 2 separate systems I was up and running. 3rd 😳

It’s actually a better system than I realised. Happy to discover it can run as cooling or heating or dual mode ie. climate control like a car. Or even dehumidify mode for damp days that are neither hot nor cold.

So that’s us sorted to continue cruising this winter then although being electric not diesel heating we’ll need to run the genset to warm the boat and then switch off to go to sleep I think.

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Exactly! Fogg was spec’d for the tropics hence the A/C. If I was buying new in NZ I probably wouldn’t opt for it but go diesel heating instead. But hey you know, the boat you buy comes with some toys and it’s just human nature to want the toys to work!

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We have this system and it’s great, use the heating here a lot in the winter to keep the boat dry as much as us warm and the cooling is great in the tropics 

like all AC run it regularly to keep it working well

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Yes now it’s going again I will. I like that it has several modes hot / cold / set temp / dehumidify. That last one will be useful on those damp days.

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