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The Berserk Incident

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Interesting article on the sinking of the Berserk in the Ross sea.

3 theories put as to why the boat left the bay into a storm.

Something that is really peculiar. The leader took all of the existing footage with him on the attempt to quad bike to the South Pole. Surely, if you have a yacht as support, you would leave anything behind that didn't add to your chances of success getting to pole? Unless you thought you would loose the yacht?


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Read it this morning, sounds super dodgy.

The NZ navy would never order a boat to sea in a storm, then spend 8 hours in the most atrocious conditions trying to get to the site that would take less than an hour in usual weather to rescue them. 

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This interview with his crew mate gives another perspective:


It took me weeks to reach Jarle. When I did, I mentioned that captain Don McIntyre, one of the most accomplished seamen in the Antarctic, spoke highly of him. “Don McIntyre is a stuck-up self digging fool who was the first to judge fallen men,” Jarle replied within hours. He would be going to court soon, he wrote.

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I wonder what happened to Busby Noble the Maori guy that they met in a bar who left NZ on Nilaya with them without bothering to tell his family, then when they were captured in Chile claimed to have been taken hostage by Jarle when they left Auckland -surely his 'tale' would be a cracker to read.

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