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What to fill bolt holes with

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I am going to replace some winches and the bolt patterns are not compatible. 

The deck is plywood.

What's the best way to fill the old holes so that they're best possible for future possibilities... 

I used sone knead it aqua on some old cable holes I had, this seemed to work OK. It's cheap and I probably have plenty left. But wondering if there's a better way. 



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Wild Violet has the proper solution. Wooden Dowel and glue.
Next is to use epoxy filler.
Kneadit does not have much in the way of "wetting" ability. Epoxy with a little more "excess" of liquid will soak into the timber fibres better.

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You might be able to line up one or more of the old holes with the new hole pattern, reducing the number of new holes needed. If you drill the new holes oversize 1st, then you can epoxy fill the old and new holes at the same time as described above, wait until cured, then re-drill the new holes to correct size taking care to only drill the epoxy fill. This way the new holes are epoxy sealed to stop water getting into the ply. Fairing might not be necessary if the holes are all covered by the new winch. 

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