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  1. Definitely fill with epoxy (with filler or without is fine). It'll be stronger, and more water proof than the original wood.
  2. Lockdown gave me the money to move to LiFePo4, so i'll be using a dc-dc charger rather than this for my starter battery. Brand new in box. IDK, $100?
  3. I don't, personally support letting anyone in, regardless of what they do, or their net worth - that's the messaging for the government, and, to be really frank, as soon as there is one exception, there will be more. Everyone is desperate for people, or has some solid reason for being let in. That being said, if we have an exemption for super yachts, who can count time on passage as quarantine, and also quarantine (with their crew) on the quarantine dock in the city center (yeah that's not risky), we should also have an exemption in place for the cruisers in the South Pacific who would no
  4. With ze Germans - i note that French Polynesia is up to 2,000+ cases of coronavirus at this point, which might indicate why they wanted to leave somewhere they knew they could stay, With regards to the ultra-rich and their superyachts - while a single superyacht might well spend more than the entire cruising fleet of "normal" rich people that want to get here, they (the super rich) should also be told to politely f-off somewhere else. Closed is closed is closed, with one rule for all.
  5. I might have started a few arguments on Facebook about Ze Germans. I think the important point in this case is that they applied for (and were declined) permission to enter NZ. putting aside the Covid parts, there never been a case where you would face seizure and deportation if expressly denied permission to enter? As far as the other people stuck in cyclone season, to be fair to the government, we’ve been closed since March - could they opt have found somewhere else to stay over the cyclone season in that time? It’s not like this is coming at them like some kind of surprise...
  6. I'm gearing up to living aboard, and need something safe-ish for bringing in shore power (and I've no interest in connecting the boat to shore power) while I get around to putting a few solar panels in place. Does anyone know where I can buy (or get made) an E-Box for the purpose of running a heater, and some other small electronics (laptop charger, monitor power supply, etc, etc). I've done a bunch of looking and can't find anywhere
  7. But that points to a lot of the immigration reasons for letting them in, in the first place - they have the resources to not need state help. As others have pointed out, people complaining about $1,000 for the Fiji costs are unlikely to have that (and are unlike to be able to afford marina fee's for any kind of quarantine), and again, you run the risk of them simply not leaving (a la, probably, a lot of this years backpackers). As a country, drawing the line where it is (if you have money to self support, yeah i guess, no money, yeah nah) does make a lot of sense.
  8. 4x Trojan T-105 batteries (6v 225Ah) 1x Trojan lifting strap 1x Battery hydrometer Never used, so should be good as - originally purchased for an electrical refit I'm in the middle of, but, since I can afford to move to LiFePo4's (and they're better for the inverter), I'm doing that instead. Also 2 series cables I'd already made up (Red Ancor 2/0 tinned cable - 12cm) and 2 parallel cables (Black Ancor 2/0 tinned cable - 26cm) - these still need shrink wrapping, but they've got the appropriate lugs for the batteries hydraulically crimped on, so there's that I suppose. $1,200
  9. IT, I'm guessing that'll go up on the club calender?
  10. Morning all. I've pulled up the list of surveyors recommended by MNZ, but does anyone have any personal recommendations for a good steel surveyor? Auckland area, 39 footer. Cheers, M
  11. I could certainly fix it and keep it running (Software Developer), but couldn't really host it. That said, I don't know the board software, and I haven't done any web development for years, but feel free to drop me a PM. I do have a server, but I'm moving on the boat in the next 3 months, so definitely not a long term solution there, sorry.
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