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John Lidgard

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8 Bells for a legend, there is hardly anyone involved in yachting has hasn't been aboard, owned or sailed a John Lidgard built or designed boat, I was on one last night. Like Brin Wilson, Jim Young, Des Townson, John Spencer and many other builder designers, Johns career started in an era where a lot of yachts were still built of planked timber and caulked with cotton. He was innovative and skilled, sad to see another one of the old boys departing. Those people who own Lidgard boats are pretty fortunate, unlikely to ever be another era of classic wooden masterpieces so hopefully they will get looked after and his legacy will be around for years to come.


This is Patiki in 1959, Stewart 34 number one built by John.

"John Lidgard was a couple of months ahead of schedule on the construction of Patiki, finishing her in October, well in time for the 1959/60 racing season.  He recalls: “Patiki never became the plug for fibreglass production. When we finished the hull, he (Colmore-Williams) was so keen to get sailing that he said, ‘To hell with it, let’s turn it over and finish her off."




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3 hours ago, Septic said:

I have been wanting to ask anyway and it seems like a pretty good time to do it. Does anyone know where I could get hold of a copy of "it's in the blood"?

On loan from a library or from a second hand seller.   Squadron has a copy in their library. 

Sorry, I am possibly stating the obvious... 

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Sad news but had had a great innings.

The first big (back in those days) boat I ever skippered was the one tonner Domino when it was in Tauranga. Tauranga was a popular spot for Lidgard boats. Kailmera was a 50 footer before Black Sheep, then Regardless was sold into the club.. Another 40 - Double Image was also launched in the early 80s.

We also had many a good Gold Cup / Commodores Cup race against Nimble/Nimrodel ? when we had Manhattan.

Condolences to the family.

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