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Sail GP in ChCh

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So anyone got any good info on the Sail GP in ChCh, March next year?

Best place to watch, will there be practice days before the 2 race days, that sort of stuff? We're planning a trip, keen to be in the right place at the right time.


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Hey Bad Kitty. 

SailGP is going to be awesome!!

If you’re sailing down I’m also running a rally with my other business Island Cruising. Departing early March. Will be having a party in Akaroa, cruising Banks Peninsula, another party in Pigeon Bay the weekend before, then will recommend best options for anchorages depending on the weather for Lyttelton too. It comes with a rally guide book, connections to everyone else on the rally, crew if needed for the passage, help getting prepared discounts & goodies from our sponsors and I’m hoping to get a tech site tour for rally participants too, and heaps more. Cost is $150 to join. If you’re interested check out www.islandcruising.NZ on the events page. It’s part of the main South Island Rally.  


There isn’t any space in the marina so you’ll need to anchor and we’ve got a few options for moorings too. 

For SailGP itself. There will be free training on Thursday 16, full dress rehearsal on the 17th and then racing is 18-19 March. 

The races will be from 3-5pm each day right out in front of Naval Point and up to Cashin Quay. There will be an option for buying a flag to be in the front row. Cost still TBA, but I can keep you posted. Other boats will anchor behind them. the race commentary will be broadcast over VHF. 

If you’re not sailing down but still keen to come to Chch public tickets go on sale on 4 October but there are a few pre-sale options too. Email me on vmoore@sailgpnzl.com for details. Grandstand tickets will be $75pp per day and include a transfer from town to the venue (no parking in Lyttelton) it is numbered seating so get your friends ready to buy tickets when they go on sale. There’s only 3500 grandstand tickets each day and they will sell out! The other option is the Platinum lawn. $169 per person per day and that also includes a couple of drinks & transfers.

Don’t bring a trailer boat down as the main public boat ramp will be closed as SailGP it taking up that space and there’s nowhere to park boat trailers. There’s a couple of small ramps around the harbour but I expect they’ll be manic! 

Hope that answers some of your questions! Drop me an email if I can give you any more info.

Cheers Viki 



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11 minutes ago, waikiore said:

It appears I too may be land based down there, starting to look like a superb event

Great! Let me know if you'd like the code for pre-sales. The tickets go on public sale next week and are likely to be snapped up quick!

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12 hours ago, Island Time said:

Viki, let me know what the deal is for a boat - in the front line. We'll book and pay as soon as it's available. Thinking of joining ICA as well...


Great will do - if you email me on vmoore@sailgpnzl.com I can add you to my list of people to email when I know the costs and when they're going on sale. As an idea they were around EUR150 for the premium flags in Cadiz last weekend - so aprox $250 - $300 ish, but we're waiting to hear back about what they'll be here.

As the main public boat ramp is going to be closed, we are wanting to make sure we've got the comms all in place about that before they go on sale. Don't want people with trailer boats buying the premium flags and then not being able to launch their boats. (There are other boat ramps in the harbour but they're likely to be pretty busy!). 

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Get in quick! There's just one ticket left for Saturday! And 180 for Sunday.

The ticket cost goes towards the grandstands, buses in from Christchurch city, big screens, entertainment, security, traffic management, toilets and heaps of other stuff. Or you're very welcome to watch for free up in the hills or at other places around the harbour that won't have all that other infrastructure of the fan village. :)

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