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Auckland Flood - how did your home / boat fare?

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Got caught in town Friday afternoon and the journey back to Waimauku was quite epic. Made it after a lot of detours, even got to within a km of home at one point before having to head back on a long detour to approach the village from the other side. Got home safe and as we live up a hill the house is all good. The scenes around the village the next day were quite something.

Coming into Waimauku village and discovering the way ahead blocked:



Then, having to come back out again:



Here are some pics in the village the following day: 







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7 hours ago, Zozza said:

Not wanting to start a political sh*t fight on global warming, but I have always felt coastal erosion is way more an immediate threat than greenhouse gasses when it comes to where you choose to live..... I mean, they long ago stopped building on those chalky cliffs in UK (Dover)  and on the UK East Coast because the sea is slowing reclaiming those cliffs through natural erosion...why would NZ coast cliff areas would be any different..

Yep, and nor would you want to want to build near a sandy beachfront like Mercury Bay or Omaha. Rising sea levels are well documented and will accelerate with melting ice sheets in Greenland, Antarctica, etc. Warming oceans drive more energy into weather systems so more frequent heavy rainfall and wind events. The combination of the two will likely accelerate erosion of the coastline. We can face up to this or stick our heads in the sand (at any beach of your choosing!).

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