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Would you use old diesel?

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Yesterday I rediscovered a fuel can in one of my lockers that has about 10 litres of diesel from a previous owner - it is likely to be at least a couple of years old. It has been stored in a dark locker in a proper fuel container. 
Would it be ok to use? If not, where should I dispose of it?


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I'd check, some recycling bins specifically say no waste fuel.

We used to burn old bunker oil from ships in an oil burning rail locomotive, it was good stuff, thick as tar but with a ton of energy. Most of the oil burning engines running on the main line (ours was pretty much the only non-mainline preservation oil burner) burn diesel, which doesn't quite seem right.

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17 hours ago, Jon H said:

Please don’t judge me if this is a naive question but can old diesel be dumped into the tanks at Westhaven that are for disposing of old engine oil?


I understand that among other things they do, Oil recyclers heat oil to separate the water. They hate petrol/diesel in it as it can flash off with the vapours. 

Some take the diesel and treat it to be used for heating etc. Id ask or leave it in a marked container by the oil tank. 

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