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Niagra v Caulerpa

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On 26/10/2023 at 2:07 PM, Frank said:

That was a Boxfish Research ROV used in the Ocean Bounty Documentary, my son was the operator :-)

Did he give any indication how long before they think tanks will burst?? Picking oil will preserve inside of tanks.

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Not so much, the article summarised a paper based on research conducted on the wrecks at Truuk Lagoon , there were variables in play such as water depth, and currents etc but to quote "During the studies on the wreck of the Yubae Maru it was noted that this vessel has a greater corrosion rate than would be expected on the basis of the depth alone. The average depth of the site is 28 m and the corrosion rate was 0.095 mm/year which is relatively high for a wreck at that depth since it is very close to the long term marine corrosion rate for iron of 0.1 mm/year, which is generally found for wrecks at relatively shallow depths"



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On 26/10/2023 at 6:37 AM, Frank said:

That was a Boxfish Research ROV used in the Ocean Bounty Documentary, my son was the operator :-) . When diving the President Coolidge the guide told us the Bunker C fuel was extracted years ago and transferred to visiting cruise ships. I'm told this was organised by dogged enthusiasts presumably to preserve the attraction.

 Bunker C is a heavy fuel oil requiring a pre-heat to reduce the viscosity before the engine can burn it, I have read it is wax-like at room temperature and yet WW2 era wrecks continue  to emit seepage. Studies have considering the potential pollution based on the predicted point of the tanks collapsing. An article I read was pessimistic but then according to Dr Google "Much of the Deepwater Horizon spill has disappeared due to  "Oil-eating microbes" so maybe there is nothing to worry about ? 

I'm sure there are members who have knowledge on the chemistry involved perhaps they could comment ? 


It's fascinating to hear about the use of Boxfish Research ROV in the Ocean Bounty Documentary, especially with your son as the operator! The preservation of the President Coolidge and the transfer of Bunker C fuel to cruise ships demonstrate the dedication of enthusiasts to protect these historic sites. The potential for pollution from the seepage is a concern, but the example of "Oil-eating microbes" offers hope that nature can help mitigate the impact. Chemistry experts, please share your insights on this complex issue.





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Yep, don't even need to suck, Fit a tank/deck penetration, attach a hose, it'll float right on up!

Diving at the depths involved is expensive, but it's all achievable.  

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