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We did it


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Now before all the howls of laughter, I know it is waaay too big. I never intended a boat his long. I wanted (for a change) a boat that fit the budget, so I could go sailing without financial stress.

And yes I still like multis and proas, and yes I still like small boats.



About a year ago we were just slumming it, looking at boats and daydreaming when we came across Black Panther. On the way home my beloved turned to me and said "we should buy that boat".

We couldn't afford it.

But a year later we have come to a very unusual agreement with the (very nice) current owners, that involves a small deposit and the balance in about a million years. Which coincides with younger daughter finishing uni.


We considered an "interim" boat to stop my slide into darkness, but when this deal came along I just couldn't say no.


We won't see her again until after Labour weekend when we'll sneak away for a mid week sail, then the plan is to bring her down here after the end of year rum race, have a boat warming/christmas eve dock party at GH so freinds family and crewers can come for a nosey, then go for our summer cruise, find a social event we can crash for NY, then drift back up to Opua where she'll be living for a while.

While she's a cruiser, apparently she has a tradition of entering the Tall Ships Race in the BoI, and the current, soon to be ex owner would love to continue (maybe I need to sign Rigger now - he knows about schooners.)


Anyway - the waters of the Northland coast will no longer be safe.....



And my wife likes her. What more can I say?

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I am gobsmacked :shock: but delighted for you and the Howie family!


Seriously fantastic news, it's exactly what you needed and I so look forward to seeing you guys aboard her.


All of which means you must, of course, change your crew handle to either "Black Panther" or something with a happier conotation than "Ogre" which I've always hated!


Congrats to you and Angela. Look forward to seeing you out there! :clap: :clap: :clap:



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I expect you and all the whanau at the boat warming.

Thanks Rob

To be honest I am still in shock. Just got home and feel like the world should be different somehow.

It's cool that all the girls can get away over Xmas so it will be a real family cruise, something that gets harder as they get older and build their own lives.

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Grinna - you have your own boat - but you can borrow a dinghy anytime :lol:


Sounds trite but I really am looking forward to seeing some of you lot out there. Anyone needs a hot shower we'll have two, and 140 lt per hour watermaker.

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