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Classic Spencer - a plywood box!


Looks nice. What design? Specs? etc? ? ?


My understanding is it was John Spencer's last keelboat designed for Doc Bayliss as an ocean cruiser. 3 skins of ply adds up to 1 and 1/4 in (21mm?). 19 m, draws 2.4 , beam only 3.4m, disp 12000kg, Haven't been able to find waterline. In fact if anyone has any info I don't please come forward.

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Definitely a slippery boat, think I know a guy who raced to...Noumea? on her and was impressed. Well done.


Heaps of different ways of serving grass clippings and rice, in no time at all you will be wondering why people waste their money on anything else. :thumbup:

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Great News David :thumbup:


Will do my best to get up to GH for the welcome party


Now to stir :twisted:

- how much aluminium?

- how much use will the bow thruster get?


I though you might be able to teach me the order to reduce sail, never sailed a schooner before.

Aluminium? Only the rig - sorry Tim, but it does have booms, at least two.

Bow thruster? - wondered what that hole was.

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