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Compulsory lifejackets


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According to Wiki 'Common Sense' was once prolific but has pretty much gone the same way as the Dodo with anyone connected to any sort of bureaucracy. It reckons there is pockets of it still left with 'common people' but the bureaucratic class are trying to breed it out of the common people as it'll make them tamer and more likely to accept rampant shagging of random women, dodgy use of credit cards, the exposing of totally ludicrous economic ideas, the continual repeating of know lies and other assort activities said bureaucracy engage in daily. It continues by saying 'common sense' is less welcome in Government, federal and local, circles than a good case of drippy dick, cold over boiled Brussels Sprouts and true investigative journalism (but it does note the last one is also pretty much has also gone with the Dodos).


Ha fancy that, I always Wiki was full of sh*t ..............but maybe knot :lol: :lol:

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Its funny...13 pages.

Has anyone tried to put a life jacket on...in the water ?

That is if someone else throws it to you...and you can get to it?

How long can you survive in cold water ?

The whole argument here seems to be......

"im not a nuff nuff, I know when to put one on so I should have that right"...


Firstly circumstances dont care if you are a nuff or not.

They just happen.

Clever people drown too.

Second, way ,way, way more people drown not wearing a life jacket.

There is no Nuff nuff test.

So what do the "Authorities" do ?

As I have said before, it may be that you have to put up with something that stops a nuff nuff drowning.


Remember that if (like here in Oz) a drowning costs over a million dollars to the tax payer.

Wouldnt it be better to take that on board.

After all you can still chose. If you have the jackets on board and get sprung you are only going to get a warning.


If you stuff up you are only going to get dead.



Like so much sh*t on the internet.

You will always find an exception.

Trapped under water by a seat belt,..

Tangled by a PFD...

These are all TRUE !

But if you are a sensible person you spend a lot of

time working out the odds. You go with what will most likely stop you from dying.

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Remember that if (like here in Oz) a drowning costs over a million dollars to the tax payer.
I've never figured out how they calculate numbers like this

These figures are not all directly the "Tax payers", but the cost in such things as, S&R, Coroners reports, Funeral expenses, Insurance payouts, loss of earnings for all involved and so on and so on. A lot of it is actual and a lot of it is a little airy fairy.

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It's all to do with dumbing down of the population! Make it easy for people not to have to think.The Guvmint does your thinking for you (or Google) and you quite quickly have a compliant and easily manipulated populace.Just look at TV and news....mostly infotainment nowadays.Next up is boat operating licensing and registration (with attendant fees of course).And the dumbies takeover Guvmint and most of the people then clamour for more regulation to save them. It's a downward spiral and we are well on the way.Watch out for wearing crash helmets in cars.Don't laugh...who would have thought of breathtesting boaties a few years ago.

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In, it's not about not wearing life jackets, it's about the freedom if choice to not where them. If I consider a situation warrants it, I wear one. Usually when alone or shorthanded or when it's rough. But I don't wear one in my dinghy, nor on a calm summers day, nor on my SUP that I am leashed to. I think life jackets are great, just don't want to be told to wear them all. The time.


And I fully support idiots drowning. Only strengthens our gene pool.

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Thought this story from the Herald last week was worth posting. Two of the others that made up the five included in the drowning stats in the final paragraph of that story were also, in my view, not going to be avoided by the wearing of lifejackets (or the enforcement of this on the boating community):


http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/artic ... d=11181500


Body of man found in bath

5:30 AM Sunday Jan 5, 2014


A man, 31, found dead in a bath at an address in Patea, South Taranaki, on December 30, has been included in the tally of water-related fatalities for summer.


It was believed the man, 31, had drinks over a couple of days then went into the bath and fell asleep.


On Thursday Peato Samele Ilalio, 40, of Auckland, went missing at Kauri Point Wharf, Bay of Plenty, after trying to retrieve his fishing rod when a stingray pulled it away from him. Catherine Michelle Hintz, 41, of Palmerston North died in a Tauranga motel pool on New Year's Eve. Tauranga lawyer Blair Kiddle, 42, also died on New Year's Day during a diving trip near Motiti Island.


- Herald on Sunday

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I would make it THREE out of five; insofar as someone fishing from a wharf

(a) wouldn't be expected to be wearing a lifejacket and in this case

(B) chose to jump in and go swimming

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