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  1. Hi, thought someone out there might have a use for some alloy mast tube, from a Laser. One is from a broken Radial bottom section - 1,780mm long (60mm Outer Diameter/57mm Inner Diameter), with the internal sleeve 950mm long (57mm OD/53mm ID) The other a broken top section - 3,250mm long (50mm OD/47mm ID) Free to anyone that would like them. PM me if interested.
  2. I have some boxes of NZ Yachting and Sea Spray magazines available if anyone wants them - free, just need to pick them up (Akl). The Sea Spray issues are from the late 1960s through to the 1980s, and then the early 1990s and 1996/97 (not every issue but pretty close). The NZ Yachting issues are 1980s to early 1990s (not every issue). Lots of great reading for anyone interested in NZ yachting history. PM me if you would like to grab them.
  3. Interesting observations Markm, I hope you'll keep them coming. Had noticed that Knee Deep recently too, and it was doing well in the Squadron race on Saturday (non-spinnaker division). Quite an impressive steering wheel! Was she the Ragamuffin that won the Sydney Hobart in circa 2002? Some photos of racing from Saturday attached, around the leeward mark.
  4. It is/was one of the Akarana Platu 25's. A sad sight.
  5. The Games regatta finished yesterday, it was a fantastic event and very well run by Torbay Sailing Club with an impressive cast of top race committee officials and lots of volunteers. We had a good range of conditions, with the best of it on the final day - moderate northerly with nice waves. Sure timed it nicely given today's weather. Mark Orams gave a pretty good account of himself considering how long he'd been out of the Laser, still pretty hard to beat!
  6. Thanks guys, good to have the dates already. I was wondering, might the series revert back to the short-medium-long format this year? (personally I liked the increased challenge as the series goes on). I think it was only changed to med-long-short in response to a clash with some AC race dates in 2013?
  7. Racing is on this weekend for the One Ton Cup in the Solent - the Fast40 class looks like it has pretty good potential for growth, there's a nice video of the first day's racing here http://www.fast40class.com/news/day-1-one-ton-cup-full-on-foam-up
  8. An earlier press release mentioned the Rainbow II team, but there is no sign of any NZ entry in the current list - http://onetoncuprevival.org/Entries The One Ton Cup itself is going to be raced for again in the Fast40+ class this September after a 14-year hiatus which is great news.
  9. Poor old Ceramco - there was talk by the previous (last?) owner after the 2013 Rolex Big Boat series in the US about doing another Sydney-Hobart, and then bringing her back to NZ which would've been pretty cool. Looks like it would require a massive restoration effort now though.
  10. Maybe this one? At pace during a fairly fresh Squadron race a few years ago - not great resolution though, Stephen Craig was the photographer and might have the original
  11. Richard2249

    SSANZ 50

    And some more, starting with an emergency tack by Rawhide!
  12. Richard2249

    SSANZ 50

    Looked like a great day out there. I watched some of the fleet finish from Orakei wharf and took a few pics. There was a fair bit of outgoing tide making sure everyone had to keep working hard to the end! Elly, looks like a fair bit of inverse mast bend, did something happen on the downwind leg?
  13. And here's a Howzat sequence
  14. Pretty epic start conditions today - the first division got away ok but a fairly vicious squall came through soon afterwards and passed through the Shorthaul fleet before catching quite a few of the Longhaul boats. Took a few snaps, wish I had a better camera but gives an idea of the change in conditions.
  15. Good to see so many boats out there, looked like it worked out well with the end of the Jack Tar regatta allowing a lot of that fleet to make it too.
  16. There's a set of lines and a sail plan/arrangement plan for the Variant in the book Classic New Zealand Yachts by Bill Endean (not to scale though!)
  17. Whatever the rights or wrongs of the Port’s expansion from an economic perspective - which doesn’t seem that compelling when you think they have to import lots of cars, to pay a dividend to their owner, who then has to expand the transport system to cope - the continued reclamation of our amazing harbour surely has to stop. It’s depressing enough seeing the mudcrete being poured into the end of Fergusson Wharf as part of their already permitted extensions. I felt bad enough attending the last Anniversary Day regatta prizegiving, sponsored by Ports, but knowing now that they pushed through
  18. Yes, separate fleets, and the Open fleet is indeed only for the brave! Dean did do well as it was generally light airs. Am not sure but we may be mixing it up between Open/Masters at the Auckland Laser Champs at Tamaki this weekend, precursor to Sail Auckland so should be a good fleet with a few overseas sailors here. Tamaki has a late model Laser for charter on a daily rate for regattas or club days if you ever want to jump back in Smithy! Think it's taken for this weekend and Sail Akl though.
  19. Yeah no question the weekend fleets aren't what they were, but I think that probably goes for most classes. Possible also that they are more spread around the various clubs. The splitting of masters and open fleets has probably allowed numbers for the regattas to remain as high as they are, but there is still a pretty wide range of ages in masters so not difficult to have a humbling moment occasionally! And yes, our individual fleet sizes aren't great for Worlds or Olympic practice, but hasn't seemed to hinder the top guys. I agree with your observations about the amount of depth in our Oly
  20. I agree with all your comments Smithy re the AC, but I was curious about your suggestion a few posts back that "Laser fleets are rubbish, but they are probably the exception" - we had 153 sailors at the Nationals in Takapuna a few weeks back, with a really strong turnout from Youth sailors, so I would say the class is actually in great health.
  21. The 2015 New Zealand Laser Nationals are being held in Takapuna on January 15-18 (regatta details here: http://www.nzlaser.org/content/barfoot- ... s-takapuna). There has been quite a bit of interest from overseas sailors who want to participate. If anyone has spare boat available, relatively late model and in good condition, and would be willing to charter it, then please send the text of an ad to Mike Knowsley at webmaster@nzlaser.org. The NZ Laser Association will place the ad here: http://www.nzlaser.org/content/boat-cha ... ser-champs and also forward it to sailors who have alread
  22. Some crew-orgers with longish memories might remember Ian Gibbs’ original Swuzzlebubble, a Farr centreboard Half Tonner from 1977. She never came back to NZ after the Half Ton Cup in 1979 in Europe, and nearly had her final resting place after falling off her cradle in Rhodes, Greece, before being found in 2012 by English yachtsman Peter Morton. Peter refurbished ex-NZ Quarter Tonner Anchor Challenge, and the boat that beat her here in 1980, Bullit (France). He’s done another fantastic rebuild with Swuzzlebubble, and has optimised her as an IRC boat under which the Half Ton Cup is presently ra
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