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  1. That’s awesome. Huge amount of work, and the rolled paint has come up really well.
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  3. Vivaldi

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    Have a chat to Doyles. They have a wide range of laminates for different purposes and prices. You’ll get quality.
  4. We arrived at Gulf Harbour yesterday and have til next Monday off - not looking too flash for getting away…. saw quiet a few arrive back yesterday
  5. He’s based in GH so nice and handy and very knowledgeable on a heap of different things.
  6. What sort is that? Looks like it does a pretty good job!
  7. Okay - what are people using / recommending for making toast on board? We’ve got one of those Dixon camp type things with the gauze grill inside that you put over the oven top flame. Mostly results in warm bread with burnt edges. Are there better options? For those with inverters are there low wattage ones available?
  8. A good “mess’ to have though
  9. Carpenter 29 is another boat in that range worth looking at. Great boats and roomy for their length
  10. Matt Paulson - (Island Time) on this site. Has done some work for me and I would recommend him.
  11. Around in Huruhi - there was a bit of a shift to SW for a while but then went back to NW. Are you getting much of a role in there?
  12. Yeah. Managed to fill both tanks though. Where did you end up?
  13. We just got water at matiatia. The hose fitting was busted but repairs have been done. Efpos not working so no fuel
  14. With the 830 if you are wondering whether you need to put a reef in or not - then put a reef in. They are faster when sailed flat, and also more comfortable for the family. Revolution Blues is a capable boat and we cruised her with babies on board. Just pick your weather. But even in a bit of wind it’s a very controllable boat downwind with main and jib or just main.
  15. It was on the DOC website - but it seems to be down today.
  16. The rule doesn’t apply to those participating in an approved organised event. If the Bay Week organisers get approval to run the event - then it’s racing as normal.
  17. Pretty sure it’s a tube from the hull up through to the cockpit floor.
  18. I’ve been up that rig - it’s pretty skinny at the top
  19. Thanks IT - I’m just wanting to replace a couple of old cockpit speakers -I think they are 6.5 inch but I’d need to check - one of them has stopped working. Based on Mattm recommendation I thought I’d go with JL (depending on price and availability of course
  20. I’m in the market for some new cockpit speakers - who sells the JL ones?
  21. Looks like a case of too much bend in the rig overall. You probably need to have the mast set up pretty straight, then use the topmast to bend it when you want to de-power. Have a play with the vang, outhaul, and cunningham to see what effect that gives you. for that top photo I’d be taking off the topmast and giving the cunningham quite a bit, then vang. It might need a bit of curve cut into the luff.
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