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  1. RushMan

    Coastal 2020

    There seem to be a lot of boats DNF in the results
  2. Bump... the new owner might enjoy reading this, it is a shame the images have been lost
  3. Let’s see if I have this right.... You want to sail to New Zealand You would like someone in New Zealand to buy a boat in Europe You plan on taking 14 months to deliver the boat You offer this service for free
  4. Main looks to be up when refloated
  5. Back in the day when I was lighter/smaller/with body parts that moved freely, the association in Australia had a mould that did the rounds of backyard builders. Great boats, except for #2079... too heavy, too slow, blown out sails
  6. Stuff article says 17 year sentence... Stuff needs to do some fact checking it seems
  7. Parole is for early release isn’t it?
  8. Quick question from the article... sentenced in 1999 for 17 years, why is he still in jail?
  9. Is it possible to program the control box to ignore that section of the reading?
  10. Rehab... you seem to like down voting me, perhaps I should give you a reason (Remembering grandma’s advice... If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing)
  11. That defeats the purpose of a forum
  12. This receives a down vote from rehab... Why?
  13. I best say goodbye then, my brain tends to bounce ideas around, if I didn’t post them immediately then they are lost forever
  14. Members like knotme and wheels often have very good advice and they will then answer questions and add another post as they have remembered something If they have to wait 24 hours to post, will they remember to do so?
  15. Five posts...that could restrict discussion to the detriment of the site. Thinking of threads where help is asked for, thanks are given, questions raised and answered... That would quickly use up 5 posts. Restricting posts to a number of threads per day might be a better solution. One down, four to go
  16. Thanks Funny times we are in, it seems some are struggling with lock down more than others. As an infrequent poster here I am surprised I am interesting enough to have a follower. One guess who that might be....
  17. No need for a new thread and thanks for the down vote, I do believe it is the first one I have ever received.
  18. Maybe this is what you mean?
  19. That doesn’t help me understand the original post, can someone please translate
  20. Is that a Golf? The trailer must be balanced!
  21. Do unread topics started by an ignored member still appear in the unread content?
  22. If using an iPad, the above icon disappears if you have the font size NOT set to 100%
  23. Is there an option so clicking on the thread title takes me to the first unread post rather than page one? Clicking on the circle achieves this but I sometimes miss!
  24. Tie downs size could be a bit bigger for some added peace of mind. Are you meeting half way?
  25. A tie to stop the middle of the mast from bouncing too far might be worthwhile Safe travels
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