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  1. Hey Wheels, you've fallen behind in the fantasy! The passport is not for getting the yacht, it's for stop 2, somewhere in the tropics. If you are going to be part of the crew you need to keep up!
  2. Well it's funny, because all the places I've been with palm trees, warm water and trade winds have "Cheap rum, dark dusky women, plenty of fish and fresh seafood, good music, good company" Some technical brainy person may be able to work out the correlation, me, I just enjoy it!
  3. Too true AC, some basic requirements; Water 25 degrees or more Trade winds, 15-25 knots Palm trees Anything else?
  4. H28 club could've rolled into a tramping club, chess club and a "watching the grass grow club". Oh yeah also the used to be a sailor club too! Soon Pedro, we'll sail & drink!
  5. And kiting tucked in behind Martello, before the carnage began on Pulse, followed by the crawl over to Crowded House to finish off!
  6. Oil spots float up to the surface there continuously, be pretty interesting to know how much is still in there? Keith Gordon, the ROV operator in that story has raised it with MNZ, but I bet you $10 nothing happens till a great big slick hits the coast somewhere!
  7. Bad Kitty


    Can someone give me Jasons' contact details please? Just remember Nate he doesn't do scratch, only coloring in!
  8. Try these guys, they do ours & have been fine. Rates vary depending on where you are going, we have our plan on a NZ & Aus plan most of the year then change to a different plan for winter in the Islands. If you make calls outside the plan area you get raped! http://www.satconnections.co.nz
  9. Bad Kitty


    Aaaaaaaaaaarh, agonising boom jealousy strikes deep into the guts!
  10. And thanks for the thread lend paultux
  11. Hey ScottiE, it's the ipad that started it all really. Everything we have is pc based, then got an ipad and "omg the ease with which it all happens now" But they are a bit limited for offshore, predict wind, sat downloads etc so I was considering an apple laptop for that. Sounds like I'll have to keep a pc laptop,
  12. Sorry for the hijack paultux but while you guys are here: Anyone running any of this on Apple?
  13. Bad Kitty

    Pub Quiz

    Well that's not a fair quiz. If you are going to have these sorts of competitions then it has to be a question that can be answered. It's just not possible to recognise a Bullimore boat when the photo is showing it up the wrong way.
  14. Your post? Or are you interested in elaborating on some other aspect of the thread you disagree with?
  15. Bad Kitty


    And it would be so light you could just carry it down the ramp yourself & chuck it in the water. Save crane costs.
  16. Absolutely loving it, keep it up Jill & Bruce!
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