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  1. It would net improve the economy because a NZ buyer would transfer $1m from their NZ bank account into a floating asset that requires ongoing spending and maintenance - even at just 5% of value that would equates to $50k pa average service fees pumped into the NZ economy forever. Unlike the $50k threshold for superyachts which would be a one-off spend this year only. Clearly Covid has not changed any of NZ’s thinking horizons - they are as short-term as ever.
  2. Arrived about an hour ago (no lap of honour)!
  3. He’s a few mins off Matiatia - I wonder if he’ll do a victory lap of Waiheke...
  4. Did so a couple of weeks ago
  5. AIS tracker shows him further ahead than the website tracker.... he's now well into the gulf and 20nm-ish to run doing 4-5kts so hopefully he'll be in this afternoon and well before dark!
  6. Unless he decides to slow down / hove to somewhere in the gulf, get some kip and then arrive fresh tomorrow morning?
  7. At 1000hrs looks like he's got about 35nm to run but with persistent SW10-15 he's going to be sailing much further probably closer to 50nm at say av. speed 5kts so I'd say he's got anywhere between 10-12hrs to go. So almost certainly today (before midnight) but he might struggle to arrive in daylight?
  8. He’s got a solution for everything: 37º 15.714s 177º 15.924e Of tanks and dolphins Tue Oct 06 2020 The wind continues to blow exactly from my waypoint up ahead.Its uncanny how little it varies in direction and yet it’s up and down like a yo yo. Sometimes I am sailing, sometimes motoring, mostly both together as the sea is steep and lumpy making progress slow. Dolphins have been playing around the boat all morning. The bow wave is pretty disappointing for them when just motoring but when I unfurl the genoa and we go surging off on a tangent they ge
  9. The border is not shut to AC syndicates and film crews as well.
  10. I agree I would have preferred to stick with a local broker and / or insurer but when I presented my non-standard scenario to them it was clearly going to be a challenge and take a long time. Whereas Pantaenius gave me an immediate "Yes we can do that". So I had no option really. And so if Traction is running out of options with his 40yr old boat on a swinging mooring then it might be worth asking if they can help?
  11. I've just had a surprisingly great experience (not a phrase often associated with insurance companies) with Pantaenius. Their nearest office is AUS but they cover NZ and whole of Asia and when I presented them with a complex situation including a boat I own but have never even seen being delivered by crew to a shipping terminal in Asia and then brought to NZ as cargo etc etc... they totally took it in their stride and offered me cover for the same rate I was paying in NZ. Also, they have a relatively small office so when you call them you speak to one of the same 2-3 people each time so they g
  12. Yes but Youtube post is the firsthand experience of a cruising couple who have been using a home-made Spindrift for several years - including the pros & cons. The whole video is all about the Spindrift.
  13. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12370022
  14. His voyage seems like so many offshore trips - mostly being either scared sh!tless or bored sh!tless!
  15. Likewise using WN. Keeps whole crew connected 24x7 and never struggled with coverage expect in holes where there literally is no coverage like the blind spots out at Barrier that don't receive Spark or Voda.
  16. What happened this morning Tue Sep 29 2020 I am sitting on the floor, wedged between the saloon berths,cold and damp in my wet weather gear. I am watching the clear blue sky through the skylight. Occasionally it goes green as a big wave breaks right over the boat. Inside is a shambles. I would like to be somewhere else. Things were going fine this morning as we ran before an average gale and everything well under control with one third of the genoa rolled out. Then things escalated very quickly. Suddenly it was blowing 50 knts. The autopilot was overpowered so I took over. Th
  17. Thinking ahead to the day he (hopefully) makes it back to Waiheke I reckon this guy deserves a hero’s welcome. Anyone else think we should welcome him back with a little convoy? I would say weather permitting - but after what he’s been through I feel a bit bad being picky if it’s a bit wet & windy on the day he returns to the Gulf! 😳
  18. He’s currently showing as doing 7kts heading NE which all looks about right. He’s obviously supremely capable but it must be taking a toll on him being constantly battered in coastal locations which bring different hazards to an open ocean storm. I hope he gets a reprieve soon to re-energise his psychological batteries.
  19. "I have had a hell of a morning. I am too exhausted to fill in all the details now but suffice to say we are now running under bare poles before 50 - 60 knot winds."
  20. How come this guy has flown below the radar for most of his life? By which I mean he’s not exactly a household name but seems to be a Kiwi sailing rockstar. Am I right in thinking that most of us here have never heard of him before? He seems to be a massively quiet achiever who has missed the headlines of other kiwi sailing achievements. I’ve only lived in NZ for 20yrs so maybe you guys knew about much earlier?
  21. It doesn't get any less compelling to read, does it?! Trying to remember why he chose this time of year to make the trip?
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