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  1. Wording from a Vero boating policy, exclusions: "damage deliberately caused by the wrongful or reckless acts or wilful misconduct of any insured person;" If I were an inusurer, I would claim that navigating among other craft at several times the speed limit while not at the wheel or in control of hte boat qualifies as wilful misconduct. They may get hung on the "deliberately" bit and a lack of oxford commas.
  2. That's why we have ACC. Before ACC, the victim would have to raise a civil case against the other party. This was expensive and had no guarantee of legal success, let alone financial compensation.
  3. "Maximum penalties imposed by the court against an individual include a fine of up to $10,000 or a prison term of up to one year." So it was the maximum fine possible under the law. There would have had to have been significant aggregating factors (intention probably) to push it into the jail time area. I'm reasonably confident the skipper will have lost any insurance cover due to recklessness, so total cost will be into 100s of thousands.
  4. We are a diverse and accepting family.
  5. Seen that. It's under consideration. Change won't be immediate, we don't want to fall into the "2 boats" trap!
  6. Just back from 12 days out. Original intent was Gt Barrier, but the weather gods decreed two weeks of windless conditions. So we lazily toured the islands and anchorages available around Coromandel. We didn't regret it. Stops included Te Kouma, Woolshed Bay and Deep Cove on Whanganui Island, Waimate Island, Moturua Island, Motuwi Island, and Happy Jack. Apart from Te Kouma and Chamberlain's on our last night, we had a maximum of 3 boats in sight each evening. Deep Cove we had to ourselves for 3 days. Along the way we had encounters with dolphins, orca, a number of hammer
  7. Should we tell the family to be more gentle on you next time?
  8. and this, my friends, is why refer to Rocket Scientists with a certain reverence...
  9. Min! I say Min! Stop the crazy contrapunct rhythm footsteps Min!
  10. The very guy. Based at Panmure club.
  11. I suggest some commenters go back and actually read there article.
  12. Repla Replaced new in 2020. Approximately 200 engine hours. We are now running on the old item pulled in 2020. New one ordered!
  13. Service your water pump before leaving your mooring. And always carry a spare impeller! This added half an hour to the departure today. The screaming alarm took a few days off my life...
  14. Sounds like the motor itself. Check that it isn't seized and that the captain turns ok when it is decoupled from the motor. Essentially the winch is a car starter motor. At stall they can draw around 400A so if it is seized it will pop the breaker real quick. If it turns by hand it's probably an internal electrical fault.
  15. I just get the guy at our yard todo it - he does a lot of them so uses it up, and its cheaper than buying even the smallest pot and doing it myself.
  16. Shelley Park was where Mrs Aardvark's parents sailed out of. Doesn't look a lot different now!
  17. Nice housings! Teak, or mahogany? SO has pelmets over the cabin windows and I fitted LED strips under them, four circuits individually dimmer controlled. Great indirect lighting and turned right down you can find your way around the cabin but there is no point source to mess with your night vision.
  18. Hi Miro - we meet on FB in the NZ Sailing page where I warned on budgeting for the costs of Cat1 This forum is infinitely better informed and focussed that the FB pages, so you should feel free to ask quetions here and you will get considered and informed responses. Many (not me) here have done significant sea miles in all sorts (Cav 32 represent!!) and can give you wisdom, warnings and wonderment in about equal measure. Addem covers the main themes well above, and plenty of others will chime in. Welcome.
  19. They do need a curve and tension to work well. Ours are guyed down to the life lines at each side and forms a tunnel. I doubt they would work well self-supporting as K4309 proposes
  20. Kilwell in Rotorua, or c-tech here? Both have stock extrusions in a variety of dimensions iirc
  21. If it is corrosion binding them, a 50/50 mix of ATF and acetone is the best penetrating fluid I've ever experienced.
  22. Hand me down. There is one on Facebook market ATM. Selling in Gisborne I think. With an oven. A bit grubby, but easy to clean up.
  23. SO has an Eno gas stove and it's a pita. Expensive parts, safety cutouts have a will of their own, I'm over it. So we went back 35 years and got a Marine Stainless 2 burner Kero stove. I love it! I have tried running it on a mix of different fuels because of the cost of Kero @ $6 a litre!!! In the end nothing burnt quick or clean so it's back to Kero but it's Jet A1. Buying it 10 litres at a time from the local airfield. This is a quick test run before it gets fitted next weekend.
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