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  1. A Stewart with a walk though??? Sacrilege! What next, a sugar scoop? Canting keel?
  2. anzor would be the go-to followed by wakefields... https://www.anzor.co.nz/ https://www.wakefieldmetals.co.nz/fasteners/
  3. I'd use urethane skateboard bushings. A lot of early mountainbike suspension systems used urethane bushings as the "spring". Stable, takes huge load, available in a wide range of compression strengths (duro), easily replaced and tuned (stack different duro bushings in different lengths to tune).
  4. built as a two-hoop cross-braced frame it should be fine. As a single hoop frame its a Len Lye sculpture.
  5. https://www.autobend.co.nz/tubular-products.html
  6. The Gonzales brothers, Juan and Julio, were just 2nm and three lines of coke short of the Florida Coast when they found the leak in the portable meth lab gas line....
  7. I bet he has a column somewhere on "What size House for a Family of Five?" It starts off "Houses are big and small. Some are inbetween. A house can have a front porch. You will need a roof, and floor is also a good idea" It goes downhill from there.
  8. big chunk of water and two completely different events - one that appears to have been a mechanical failure, the other a bar crossing that went wrong, one a canoe, the other a power craft, one a solo, the other a group. Any water will get you if you are unprepared or get it wrong.
  9. and so, with not a lot else to do that is more pressing, SO will be slipping her lines and ambling out into the Waitemata on the tide.
  10. I find tablets and phones difficult in bright light. Also, I'm horrifically myopic (in meany meanings of the word) but also longsighted for reading. Go figure. So I need simple, bright, clear displays. Or big. A tablet ain't big enough. I'm keen on putting an e-ink display in the cockpit relaying basic nav data (COG, speed, depth, etc) from the OpenPlotter server in the cabin. But that would all be numeric, not graphic.
  11. Is there not a more nuanced technology available these days? I would have thought we have got past little men with hammers as a diagnostic technique. Oh, there is.... https://www.qualitymag.com/articles/92050-ultrasonic-testing-of-fiberglass-and-carbon-fiber-composites
  12. A close working partner of my daughter and SIL, he had recently been doing some renovation building work at our place. Big, strong guy, very safety conscious at work anyway. Unsure what happened, some thought it was a medical event. Wife and 5 kids not to mention a far wider community left, bereft.
  13. the caps and jackets, and the durries protectively held against the weather. Its a great image. Not a lot of working room in the cockpit though.
  14. that moustache was a fashionable item in the late 1930's...
  15. seeing as baking is the subject d' jour. Brioche scrolls, with cream cheese and lemon icing. And now I'm off to buy some scales for the bathroom.
  16. I'd recommend trying it on the tablet and,if you like it but find the physical effects (esp eye strain) offputting, invest in a proper e-reader. Also recommend Audble (spoken books). Its a subscription service a bit like Netflix, but huge range of products and no eye strain!
  17. +1 for this. I use it on snow sport gear (ours gets thrashed in a normal season, not so much this year ) I have a 30-ish year old Oliphant Gortex shell jacket that has been my go-to for pretty much every weekend over that time and a nikwaxing at the start of any season has always held up. If it holds up against rain in the Ruapehu snow environment, it'll hold up anywhere!
  18. https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/sunday/audio/2018811998/calling-home-colin-macrae-in-panama
  19. One older with brass body. (left in the image) The mounting base has been cut at an angle to fit a particular location and would need a block machined to fit under it so it will sit flat. Other than that, it works great - I've had it apart and serviced it. Some minor seepage from the gland seal, but nothing major. One newer with plastic body (right in image). Also been apart and serviced, no scoring in the body and it works great. Again, minor seepage from the gland seal, but nothing major. I pulled these from Stepping Out and replaced them with a noisy pressure system. Probabl
  20. OK, struggle for an elderly guy used to working on a chromebook, but finally I have the boat computer up and running. In the box there is a Raspberry Pi 4B, a four-port powered USB 3.0 hub, and two 12v to 5v 3A power supply boards with USB outputs. Outside the box, a wired keyboard, wired mouse and wired GPS - all USB devices. A 12vdc 3A wallwart power supply is running the box atm, on the boat it will get a switched 12v supply. On the boat, it will connect ot an HDMI screen, but for set-up I'm running it headless through VNC server/client freeware. Not bad headless on the lapto
  21. ^quick bum scrape and then back in on the next tide.
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