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  1. There is nothing like getting back to basics. Check the battery properly - if its open cell, check them all for level and balance. Check the open circuit voltage (after a decent rest period). Check the cranking current loaded voltage. Use a voltmeter and check the circuit voltage drop from the alternator to the VSR and then the VSR to the battery - live side and earth side, under load (20 A or better). Visual is fast, but voltage drop testing is accurate and relevant. Check the charging voltage and current to the engine battery. Check for a low-current draw off the battery w
  2. this has been very useful - thanks everyone for the input. The ascending is not bad - I need a second foot loop instead of just one, but other than that it seems good. I will probably get a dedicated descender. I've used the old figure 8 style before, but will likely go with the knucklebone looking type for the reasons given in the video that Psyche posted. I'm not brave enough to think I can do it on a prussic alone.
  3. Hey Riki - DBLRUM out of Bucklands is regularly looking for crew for day sailing on a 26-footer. He posts up on Facebook regularly as well as here.
  4. Well, its six times the price of my rig and not as versatile (if I sell mine, it can go rock climbing, abseiling tree pruning etc). Outside of that, not a lot that I know of. People should make their own choices.
  5. Sadly, our anchor winch is a vertical shaft type complete with gypsy and direct feed to the anchor locker. Also, Mrs A might feel herself inclined to leave me dangling for an afternoon or longer. Trust issues.
  6. Set up a practise rig on the deck at home. Good thing. I got stuck at the top (only about 60cm off the ground) from a failure to think about how to go down. Sorted now, and Mrs A only chuckled a bit.
  7. If you have a lot of different loads and/or different chemistries and/or large or complex battery and charging systems, knock yourself out with an all singing all dancing battery monitor. But for a simple lead acid same chem/same construction system, an ammeter and voltmeter should provide all the info you need. In both cases, knowing what you are looking at is more important than how much information it can deliver. IMO, YMMV
  8. busy trying ot save a ski field atm. Good luck to those of you attending
  9. that was the video that assured me it was do-able.
  10. I'll be using a prussic as a safety,, but I wanted something that looks more positive for climbing! I watched a few videos of people using just prussics. My sphincter puckered.
  11. Thanks Martin, your use is exactly what I had planned
  12. I just tried climbing a tree in the back yard. I should really get to the gym more often...
  13. I'm not intending to swim with it! I get your point Martin - It will mostly live off-boat and its easy to flush if by some very strange circumstance I find I have to use it in a howling gale and high sea state.
  14. Some might and I might be one of them. but the reality I've seen elsewhere and in NZ is that all things being equal a location with excessive proportions of elderly people almost invariably decays and dies. It would take a significant and concerted intervention to turn this around. /another threadjacking
  15. My self-ascending gear has arrived!
  16. Some of it is self evident. Oldies tend to consume less personally and so spend less in the local economy. As communities age, the infrastructure needs change - for example schools shrink driving a reduction in teachers and other staff who leave and make the population older on average. Families consider the state of the local school and it's loss of capacity and exit for locations with better or broader education opportunities. This again reinforces the aging. Eventually the community is ALL old people. It becomes more unattractive for young people. Property values decline because
  17. SO has a bath! Its about 4,000 sq km.
  18. The tradesmen are probably too busy parking on the footpath in their Tradiemobiles while they charge exorbitant hourly rates to construct shoddy "lifestyle units" crammed 57 deep onto the 900sqm section next door to you. Before they head off for a spot of beach terrorism on their jetskis according to information posted a few above this. Of course, if you point this out you are the fun police and a NIMBY. Even when its on a street near you. /rant and threadjack There appears to be ample public assess open space in the leafy suburbs and a surfeit of harbour lounging space. Ther
  19. The isotherm kits are refreshingly easy to install and work brilliantly! And only 1.5 boat dollars.
  20. which would you prefer to look down over from your Paratai Drive address - a park with Pohutukawa-fringed beaches or a semi-industrial boatyard?
  21. So, yachts over 6m barely make the margin of error. Realistically, that would include quite a number of trailered yachts too. And I think I see Psyche's point. With ownership focused on managers and business owners, by definition moored boats are elitist. In its non-pejorative sense.
  22. pounds feet and inches! Was the original on papyrus?
  23. You'd cast it wouldn't you? With a HDPE bearing in appropriate material?
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