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  1. Don't think of it as criticism. There is a subtle but important difference between critiquing performance and criticising it. In lay terms, the former is about saying what could have been done better, the latter about saying what was done wrong.
  2. Eels in your nether regions? Isn't that a verse from T'was On the Good Ship Venus? Aaaaaaanyway, heater is now operational, and spinnaker socks got a test today because the river was totally becalmed and it was easy to do... The heater is bloody fabulous. Worked first time, not tooooo noisy once its started (first start-up is a bit like an elderly P&W turbine winding up, after that its ok), controls are easy to use once I'd youtubed some instructions. https://photos.app.goo.gl/QRCQ9Po9C8J6vZuL7 Spinnaker socks are in two designs - one with (orange) and one without (gr
  3. what aircraft do - tiny little holes drilled through the inner glazing to provide venting.
  4. was just about to write this. Double glazed (separate sheets into a rebate on inside and outside) during build could acheive the same thing.
  5. I got a couple of small signs engraved using signomatic.co.nz Upside: Easy process, relatively cheap @ about $20 all up (I thought), and I was in control of it all including size, layout etc Downside: The website advised 5 - 7 days delivery. It took 2 months. Upside: Comms were good. When they hadn't turned up after 4 weeks I emailed. They advised they were really sorry, had left their end, post is a bit dodgy atm. Also, they are in Sweden! They reran the order and resent in case it was lost in mail. Downside: 25 days later, still no signs. Contacted them advised t
  6. I'm picking its a pragmatic estimate. the 1852cm2 measure derives from the old 2 square foot, which itself is probably some old bugger's guesstimate of what the capability of glass at the time was. 2000cm2 is so close, and materials so much better these days...
  7. an intellegent and thoughtful launch skipper* would make the considered decision to travel slower then, since 12kt and not quite planing would be the worst part of the performance envelope for the craft. Just like on the road, its a limit, not a target. *granted, a rare commodity
  8. the pawls are the little teeth that stop the drum from spinning backward.
  9. must have been lawyers in another life eh...
  10. I suspect its the capital fairy. Like any business, when you are working hand to mouth the niceties go by the wayside. If you are billing on big items and have bigger capital backing you can afford to hire, train, resource and most importantly manage well. Like everything, there are exceptions. But small businesses tend to stay small for a reason...
  11. I have no idea. The documentation, such as it is, is one A4 sheet of Chinglish that appears to have been photocopied a gazillion times. I suspect that they are all made in the same factory in China - they all look the same on aliexpress. As it turns out I got this one of a guy here who was going to fit it to a motorhome but sold the RV before he got to it. I paid $150 for it. If it lasts two or three years, I've had my value out of it. We are wanting to do more winter sailing and heat is comfort so its an investment not a cost!
  12. Bought 5m of this stuff for my instalation, then decided to change the install location and only needed 1.2m.
  13. Fitted. The heater sits in the starboard rear locker. Hot air vents into the starboard quarterberth, intake heating air is drawn from a vent in the front of the port quarterberth. Combustion exhaust vents into the cockpit via an insulated skin fitting. Fuel comes via the main diesel water separator / filter, the pump is located in the engine space. Wiring to be finished next weekend.
  14. I think the easiest approach is to use the stuff delivered in the kit and reverse the air flow I had planned. I'll use the floor vent I had built as the air intake and put the outlet right next to the heater unit (venting into the unused 1/4berth). Thanks everyone for the advice - I'm glad I was my usual slackbastard self and hadn't finished this off yet.
  15. there is a bigger one - 200kg SWL https://www.velasailingsupply.com/antal-swiveling-cam-cleat-w-60mm-block/?sku=ANT522.140&gclid=Cj0KCQjwiqWHBhD2ARIsAPCDzan2sVkH_BcNXF-IunmGSVYlN443o3aqECfIVcqCjmz_ZhHvT6J1D4EaAp7tEALw_wcB
  16. hmmm. Thanks folks. YEah, DWV pipe. Interestingly, the material at the hot air outlet is a plastic of some sort as are the supplied junctions and outlet swively eyeball thingee. It doesn't appear to be fibre reinforced or anything special. We are talking chinese kit here however. Its all just loose fitted at the moment pending buttoning it all up, so I may look for some insulated tubing to run inside or instead of the DWV material.
  17. Thanks folks. Its now a 0.5m long 4mm stainless steel guy wire with a loop at each end for relevant attachments. We'll see how we go.
  18. No, you will have warm dry air fed into the cabin and so it will remove condensation. The damp exhaust is fed to the outside via a skin fitting to save you being gassed to death!
  19. I need a 1m long leader to go between the halyard and the head of the spinnaker to accommodate the new you-beaut sock / douser. I'm ok with any solution that is easy, cheap and good (yeah, yeah choose any two...). Halyard is some skinny dyneema-looking cord with a pelican on it. Have at me with your suggestions.
  20. I started a repair to the cabin top a couple of weeks ago. I went out today to continue with filler and hopefully sanding and a primer coat. It wasn't to be. But I got a Mitre10 tarp rigged as a boom tent and soldiered on fitting the diesel heater for winter sailing. The heater unit is located in the rear starboard locker, and pumps hot air through 80mm Marley downpipe to a floor level vent in the galley, port side of the companionway. Yeah, odd to not have it all on the same side of the boat, but engineering limits were run into. It was a relatively pleasant afternoon except
  21. Hospitality NZ says that the cancelation of events that evening was a "kick in the guts to hardworking restaurateurs and bar owners" and will have a huge impact on employment with many skilled barmen and waitresses leaving for better opportunities overseas.
  22. ...and what the possible impact will be on the value of your house...
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