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  1. Hey Jon I am waiting on my renewed PHRF to arrive can I enter the race before I get it?
  2. Will be great to have another townson for company
  3. You know it. race what you have
  4. Yeah we do the Pic division with the Stewart’s and Beale’s and 1020s pretty competitive division with the various designs all having their niche, for sure the family caravan loves it fresh on the nose and a bit of chop you will love sailing your Dreamtime without all the cruising gear on board
  5. Holy sh*t for real? what safety category do you need to do 3 kings? Is there a 2 handed division?
  6. I think it’s great that SSANZ starts in super light airs through to mighty fresh. No advantage to me in a heavy old boat but the ethos of sailing in what you have regardless seems a big component of what makes this format so rewarding. Also I agree with Josh the split starts and slow boats first creates a lot of opportunities to go ahead or backwards within your division, and it does make for the best footage in the epic LSD videos.
  7. Stoked to see Stewart 34s and Beale’s make it into the N truck angle race those boys on Open Country showed all the displacement keelers the way on the enduro race. Shaping up to have some good racing at the slow end of the fleet! recon the 3 Young 11s will have some cool racing too
  8. Anyone know when ssanz will start taking entries for the triple series?
  9. Shimmer made it! Man 3 minutes and sold out. Who else made the 40?
  10. So much interest in this race just getting entered looks like being a tight race. I Keep checking the SSANZ site and watching the count down. How fast did the last 2NI sell out?
  11. Very excited to see media release about the northern triangle race next year. Shimmer is keen to race.
  12. Race Report. Shimmer. Best Ssanz ever for Shimmer (not hard as this is our first season) perhaps the opposite experience to Deep Purple we are racing my family caravan a 1980 timber Townson 34. She loved the beat to coromandel and took the big steep seas like a thoroughbred. I love the wide variety of designs racing and how each has their day depending on conditions. Big thank you to the Ssanz team for not changing the course and for all the hard work they do to organise the race and keep everyone safe. Can’t wait for the 50!
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