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    Pity they dropped the Ponui mark from enduro I was looking forward to threading through there in the dark.
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    What s up with the handicap caps for spring enduro race? Mr Kite and Motor boat 2 on same ? Would have thought an Elliot would be owed a bit from the Cape 40? Plus smaller boat
  3. Race Report. Shimmer. Best Ssanz ever for Shimmer (not hard as this is our first season) perhaps the opposite experience to Deep Purple we are racing my family caravan a 1980 timber Townson 34. She loved the beat to coromandel and took the big steep seas like a thoroughbred. I love the wide variety of designs racing and how each has their day depending on conditions. Big thank you to the Ssanz team for not changing the course and for all the hard work they do to organise the race and keep everyone safe. Can’t wait for the 50!
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