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  1. I'm anchored in smokehouse Bay, been here for a couple of days and all seems normal. Went for a walk in the nature reserve opposite Fitzroy wharf today and there are no signs of damage. There's one recent looking slip in the man o war passage but otherwise all seems the same as Christmas
  2. What is it about launchies and generators? Anchored in Bon Accord last weekend, a launch anchored about 50m away and as soon as main engines off, it's generator on until his bed time. Then in the morning, routine is wake up, generator on, left on until anchor up. Have these guys never heard of batteries? Another time a launch anchored about 20m upwind of me, started his generator and then the whole crew went across to a neighbouring boat for the evening. They just seem oblivious to the nuisance they create
  3. Thanks for the updates, annoying as the news is. Maybe it's time to provide some visitor mooring buoys if this is going to be a multi- year problem
  4. Any update on this? The anchoring ban is over a year old now. Would be good to be able to go to Tryphena and Whanga this summer
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