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  1. End of Te Kouma race, Alan's chopper flew in, picked him up and back to Auckland, we all got pissed ...........I think we had the better end of the stick
  2. On a recent ferry trip Pahia to Russell I saw Te Rauparaha sitting on a swing mooring in Russell. Even though she's currently mast-less and in a very sad state she still has the beautiful sweet lines of the Ross 40 and is just screaming out for someone to give her a little TLC.
  3. Why would you even try it in the first place?
  4. If the swell is big enough Goat Island could be on
  5. Watchman Island ........With the price of real estate in Auckland I'm amazed it hasn't got a For Sale sign on it.
  6. That's clever, where is it ?
  7. Use to do Mahurangi, I'd sail boat up, babe would drive car up therefore having car if she wanted to bail. Mahurangi made a good base for day trips to surrounding islands and even tender trip up to Warkworth. There are also a few d.o.c camp sites around Mahurangi that you can pitch a tent at a resonable rate.
  8. Appears Artemis have crashed again. http://sailinganarchy.com/2017/04/04/same-team-different-day/
  9. looks like Cool Change have pulled the pin and heading back to Gisborne, must have been very uncomfortable for them out there, 20+ knot Nor-East, East Cape is not a nice place to be
  10. BooBoo, how do I go about contacting you to get details
  11. Anyone got an old wooden mast (around 5 - 6 metres) they don't want, I;m looking at one for a flag pole
  12. In the midst of Auckland's housing crisis our council sign off a $1.5 million state house edifice that can only be viewed from the outside, imagine how many current (liveable) state houses the council can have tarted up for $1.5 million. I'm not a graffiti supporter or fan however I hope this load of crap becomes a target for some real smart political graffiti aimed at our council.
  13. 2 years ago when I sold my boat (Whiting 29) a 10.5 metre marina rental was around $400.00 per month, now it looks like it's over $600.00 per month .........a 50% increase in 2 years, daylight robbery. With the squeeze now going on moorings and poles (Westhaven) being removed is there an answer for a safe/reasonably priced place to house a boat around Auckland? I think even the cats in places like Shoal Bay can't feel 100% safe with their future In my line of industry (civil construction) certain prices have remained relatively static in the last few years, when I do see price increases is
  14. Sky pop up 55 11pm, it's live from then
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