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    First off, I had TV3 on all Saturday arvo for the non event ..........Now, here's my problem. Dolphins need to surface around every 8 - 10 minutes to breath. So, for the duration of the non-event on Saturday that race course has TV cameras, Drone cameras and a whole heap of spectators with binoculars and I'd imagine decent cameras and I didn't see one single image of a Hectors Dolphin ..........Did I miss something?
  2. "Rocky" and "Motorboat" assuming they're SR26's are doing well.
  3. Thanks, that's a better angle, still not convinced on the park bench seating, looks very exposed.
  4. I see it now. Would be interesting to see it from a different angle as that seating in the cockpit look very much like park benches.
  5. What are those grey areas at the stern between the hulls? ........If it's seating then it looks a dodgy add on.
  6. Was never a good hard stand with very limited access and in the end (like little shoal bay) it just became a collection point for a heap of junk.
  7. Got a Barient winch service kit from them (Hutton-Arco) a few years back, good service, good price and kit arrived within 10 days.
  8. I'm seeing a lot more unloved derelict keelers on trade me these days. I guess this is a sign of the times as a lot of boats reach their use by date and owners are burdened with what to do ............Why, I'll list it on trade me with a $1.00 reserve and it'll become someone else's problem. I feel the problem is only going to increase over the next few years as the authorities clamp down on junk in our environment ....Then what? Is there an answer as to what to do with this junk.
  9. Forget going by boat, take the car, plane or bus and you'll have a far safer, comfortable and reliable trip.
  10. Agree with you BP "Learn to live in less space" and then look at a Chico 30 or Cav 32 to further the plan
  11. Agree with you aardvarkash ..........My Father in Law was a classical example. Never stepped foot on a boat but was only to happy to wear his squadron tie.
  12. End of Te Kouma race, Alan's chopper flew in, picked him up and back to Auckland, we all got pissed ...........I think we had the better end of the stick
  13. On a recent ferry trip Pahia to Russell I saw Te Rauparaha sitting on a swing mooring in Russell. Even though she's currently mast-less and in a very sad state she still has the beautiful sweet lines of the Ross 40 and is just screaming out for someone to give her a little TLC.
  14. Why would you even try it in the first place?
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