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  1. Cited in this context means specifically noted in the relevant legislation as being a standard that must be complied with.
  2. CarpeDiem is 100% correct. It is not the courts but the government (by way of legislation) that determine which standards and which version of that standard must be complied with. There are hundreds of NZ standards covering all sorts of areas available. Most of those are simply best practice (or perhaps not) but only the standards and the specific version of that standard cited in relevant legislation can be enforced by the courts. As in the example above re marinas there is nothing stopping any organization requiring people to comply with any standard in order to use their pr
  3. Must be an old photo. Those Westpac kites on the 88s in the background go back to the early 2000s
  4. Legionnaires grows between 25 and 45 degrees. In NZ storage hot water cylinders are required to maintain a temperature of 60 degrees to ensure they don't sit in the danger zone. I would have thought on a boat not being used the water will be too cold so not a problem then when you heat it you want to make sure the water gets above 60 degrees before you use it. What you dont want to do is keep the water just warm as that is prime breeding conditions. What I dont know is how long the water should be at 60 degrees to be sure of killing the bug but it probably isnt all that long. Most of the ti
  5. Slightly stretched Rocket 31 Built in Christchurch possibly by Cooke Brothers in the mid 80s. Always had a pink rig. If the graphics look 80s they are original. Cant believe they have lasted this long.
  6. Ex Babe

    Icebox tips

    Was everything cold, and where, possible frozen before it was put in the cool box? If not you are wasting all the ice just bringing the temp down
  7. Ex Babe

    Knox Johnson

    Perhaps Or perhaps someone with a lifetime of practical experience making an informed decision for himself based on the prevailing circumstances not wanting to be told by some muppet to do something 'just because'.
  8. Nothing new there. That has been the requirement of the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 since ...well 1987. To the extent that the requirements to fence private pools have changed with the new legislation from 1 January 2017 overall the requirements have been marginally relaxed rather that increased.
  9. Well you fill your boots sunshine. Good luck with that. The question was asked of the community and the community answered. And gave a viable alternative option. The prospect obviously doesn't appeal to anyone here for the reasons stated. I don't know what you are going on about with your earlier post re airfares. Where are you intending to fly? Beg, borrow or worst case hire a large car trailer. Drag it to Auckland one day and a tank or so of gas. Stay the night on the boat. Drop the rig and keel the next day pop it on the trailer and off you go. 10 - 12 hours
  10. Exactly. You probably could if you wanted to but this is about a delivery. Safest and quickest way is always the best for deliveries. Also as in the original post the boat is set up as a day sailor/racer. Lots of safety gear to find.
  11. In actual fact the 727s are great wee boats. Back in the day they were raced around the gulf in 70 knots (anecdotally at least) and they have been raced across the English Channel. But why would you when you can take it by road in a fraction of the time a lot more safely and probably more cheaply.
  12. Exactly so what possible relevance can there be in comparing taking a 1 tonner across the Tasman to taking a 1/4 tonner from Auckland to Wellington? Answer none what so ever.
  13. Yeah Smakwater Jack was a 1 tonner. Quite a bit bigger than a Farr 727 1/4 tonner. But then you knew that right? Oh and Smakwater Jack never made it home.
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