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  1. Far too much profit in them to allow for that equitable socialist clap trap to get a leg in. I have always viewed Westhaven as public open recreational space akin to golf courses rugby facilities etc etc. Swept away in the cutting black heat of “greed is good” berth rates have severely savaged the value of craft. Here’s just one example of many $145k crikey that must hurt. Not exactly a sustainable way of doing business. The head of Auckland Marinas must be dodging the ghost of his dad daily.
  2. If she’s well built the colour is irrelevant😀
  3. Thinking Alabaster white boring I know. Red has a certain appeal. All the trim ie cap rails thwarts tiller etc are plain unvarnished teak and the spars are carbon😀 May do trail boards old school flower relief cnc router cut and guilded but no room for a bare breasted figurehead unfortunately the Admiral wouldn’t agree to pose must be that my pockets aren’t as deep as Jeff Bezos.
  4. I kind of regret parting with our old wooden log as it was way far less demanding than the house… Think I will add another extra metre to the Morby to suit the Navy Whaler oars.
  5. talking of gravity, dolphins and hoops...
  6. I do agree with Brian space could well be infinite. Oh to be a fly on the wall at this meeting of minds. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2024/apr/14/worlds-top-cosmologists-convene-to-question-conventional-view-of-the-universe
  7. Only sometimes. Despite the continuing popularity of the theory, essentially every prediction of the Big Bang theory has been increasingly contradicted by better and better data, as shown by many teams of researchers. The observations are, on the other hand, consistent with a non-expanding universe with no Big Bang.
  8. Has 4 wheel drive but the “glide steer”disengages the corresponding rear wheel drive to limit chewing whilst turning. The steering lock is also brilliant.
  9. The Admiral gave me a bit of a prompt to get the lawns done so I went by the mower shop on the way back to the ranch... Crikey it even has cruise control.
  10. Cracking into renovating the Admirals bathroom and wonder if I should offer this feature floor tile to Wussell… (
  11. Yup it's criminal the way exorbitant berth rates have slayed the value of moored craft. Those who own or manage marinas should hang their heads in collective shame and a plague on all their houses I say. We have been without a yacht for 3 years now and looking at the costs of ownership in today's terms we could no longer justify the outgoings. I have reached for a sail and oar alternative the LOA is far more compatible with my retirement income.
  12. Those noodles do a great job of protecting the dad bod from abrading.
  13. Prudence prevails I put the Morby on the trailer ready for a quick exit if the Admiral fires a load of grapeshot in my direction.
  14. Bugger the Admirals bathroom I have cracked on and completed the 6 wheeler cradle and now ready for the “big flip”. My thinking is to be able to tilt the hull to ease back ache whilst completing the inside and having a mobile build makes for a very tidy workshop just take the Morby for a walk and give it a blowjob outside.
  15. Fuel tanks,galley and saloon underway on the Morby… Just received a summons to commence immediate action on the Admirals bathroom so much for any more happy days in the barn for a while.
  16. $10M to sort I think the public purse requires an explanation.
  17. Well worth a look a rare opportunity to see the only existing Maori mainsail sail complete with soft shackles. https://www.aucklandmuseum.com/visit/exhibitions/te-ra
  18. Wonderful celebration of NZ wooden boat history on display so get off the couch and get down to the Viaduct. Sadly nothing Maori or Polynesian of any substance.
  19. Bugger. https://www.tomrobinsonboats.com
  20. Sound track will give you a headache. Imoca style foils would maybe betterer.
  21. Can’t see any evidence of the rig posing a risk to life or limb the damage to the upper portion appears later and may well be the result of contact with the ship.
  22. Never tire of this clip RIP Banque Populaire.
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