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  1. https://www.youtube.com/c/SmallfryRacing
  2. curly12


    They have a sailing club, Paul is the person to contact, I am sure he will be happy with any questions From the Rawene FB page.......
  3. Hi all, after a dinghy for a tender, I am based in Whangarei but anywhere between Omaha Beach and Kerikeri would be fine, cheers
  4. Marina Shop Opua do third party, Paid annual bill today, $550 for 32ft 1980 ferro,
  5. Closed down about 6 weeks ago, the council wouldn't negotiate on the price of the lease apparently so the kids decided it wasn't worth it to keep it open, great shame
  6. We have a very active and large percentage of liveaboards here in Whangarei. Just counted in the 30 boats around the berth I am on we have 22 that are liveaboards. You couldn't get to much further away from where you are now thou. I would suggest ringing and talking to a cat-1 issuing agent, a meet up with them and talk about your options would be a good step in starting your plans.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/594194041096239/ Sailing boat Auckland, Auckland · about a day ago · $1,000 Automatic transmission The Squid is a 6m sailing boat/outrigger canoe. she is constructed of plywood and will sail or motor with 2 or 3 people aboard. I’m keen on a project that has just come up so am interested to see if anyone else wants this magnificent adventure craft. There is space inside for one person to sleep or a couple to hide from rain. Feel free to message me with questions.
  8. Locks only keep out honest people sadly
  9. Whangarei Marina is accessible during the day
  10. curly12

    NRC on fan worm

    Yeap, my neighbour on the piles said they dived on everyone at this end on Monday.
  11. curly12

    NRC on fan worm

    They dived on the boats up here at the town basin this week. Will wait to see what they say but will be interesting to see what they do about all the marina structure. Will they put it in the too hard basket like Marsden cove??
  12. https://www.radiolive.co.nz/home/on-demand/weekend-life/2018/11/sailing-around-the-world.html
  13. My neighbour from up here by the canopy bridge. Tafadzwa, planning on bring it in from tutukaka to norsand in the next few days. He is ok, yacht not so much
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