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  1. Duty Free

    B&G gear

    Hi M att--will give you a call --the system has been in a few years now and has worked excellently up until Napier in the last RNI
  2. Duty Free

    B&G gear

    Hi--can anyone point me in the direction of someone experienced with B&G gear --I have B&G wind/depth, Zeus 7 chartplotter, NAIS-400 and NPLE splitter, and 2 triton displays---unfortunately the system is only working intermittently since the RNI and currently not displaying anything other than the chartplotter information (but not the AIS information )-----have tested the connections and power which is going through the whole backbone etc --data only seems to be being displayed intermittently Now its got beyond my capabilities so want to get an experienced person in to sort out
  3. Jon--I'm on a 12m berth at westhaven as is Zambezi (both 1220's )
  4. Entries close on the 1st July --make sure you're in to participate
  5. Interesting --it would be good to hear what Westhaven or other marina management have to say about this ---if these regulations are in fact not able to be overridden (or haven't been rewritten ) then the current interpretation about grey water/liveaboard/holding tanks are not correct. Does this mean that if you have an electrasan (or is it raritan), which nukes all physical waste and has a US FDA rating for discharge quality, fitted and used, there is no legitimate reason for a marina operator to decline a request to liveaboard (in a marina)on the basis of water discharges (Grey or black )
  6. Thank IT /Frank--will be in touch when you get back from foreign places
  7. Hi everyone, Looking for practical ideas, if what l want to do can be done . When I bought Duty free, Farr 1220, it had Raymarine gear on it ---I was given the opportunity to get some B&G gear (Zeus Touch 7/Triton display). The current Auto helm is an Raytheon ST6000plus , works really well and l am pleased with it, but it was not and is not integrated with the wind gear . I am sufficiently aware that they have different operating systems (if that's the correct word ) but my question is ----Can l integrate my B&G wind gear with the Raymarine/Raytheon ST6000--if so , how so.
  8. The next race in he Safety @ Se SSANZ Triple series is on the 4th August . Single race entries accepted
  9. The Next race in the safety @ Sea SSANZ triple series is coming up on the 4th August .Single race entries accepted .
  10. Enormous support again --114 boats , first race tomorrow . Enjoy the day , looks like a good one
  11. The SSANZ 2018 series is up and running --entries close in a few days time so get those entries coming in and quickly .50 plus boats already --Cat 4 for all but the big boat 100 mile
  12. Safety at sea , Triple series --the last date for entries (other than late ones which incur a higher fee) coming up so get your entries in this weekend .50 plus boats already .
  13. Bump--SSANZ Safety at Sea Triple series
  14. The Safety At Sea triple series , run by SSANZ and sponsored by Baltic, NZ Rigging and PIC is well advanced in the planning, Start by putting these dates in the diary : Briefing 5th July 7th July--60 mile 4th August--100 miles 1st September --50 miles (finishing off Islington Bay ) Prize Giving Friday 21st September 2018, 7pm onwards NOR/SI's up shortly: Race Officer--Jon Henry
  15. Entries close tomorrow night --28 boats already entered and one waiting for the tide. Get your entry's in today or tomorrow and lets aim for 40 boats.
  16. What date next week will that occur on KM --please let the well wishers and on-lookers know so we can watch said execution of promise
  17. Agree with that Meister--no-one in the Cruising Division yet --maybe they don't realise that Cat 3 is not required . Cut off for entries is l believe the 20h so sort yourselves out and enter c
  18. Hi Everyone --Remember to sign up Short haul and cruising divisions along with the RNZ qualifier of 450 miles for the keen ones
  19. The planning for the SSANZ 2 handed races is well underway . ANZAC Enduro sponsored by Chains Ropes and Anchors in April , 2018 Safety at Sea Triple Series for July ,August , September. See the SSANZ website , plan your sailing calendar and sign up .
  20. Bump--support the sponsor (Chains Ropes and Anchor )as well ---more boats entered so plan for a fun weekend --even the cruising race is a challenge , especially with an evening start and a night sail .
  21. Any ideas for next year--courses with a destination of Great Barrier --ANZAC is mid week next year so we need to plan for another great event and get more boats --longer courses -250/350 miles ???
  22. Duty Free


    Exposed , lagoon only good for trailer boats (never seen a boat with a mast in there when l was a regular out there )and can be a surf running --main beach good to surf, no place for a yacht unless exceptionally settled and after a few days of offshore winds (highly unlikely !!)
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