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  1. Has anyone given Trademe a heads up on this guy? I don't think they take kindly to these kind of fraudsters
  2. Yeah, where has all the Roading promised gone. Supposed to be equivalent of Kaitaia to Bluff in Road works. All I have seen here is the continuation of Pothole filling, at least some Potholes actually permanently fixed and one 100M strip of new seal on the side of the road and not actually sure why. And the real annoying part is the reduction of speed between Blenheim/Nelson because the road is no longer considered safe at 100Km/hr I thought we were paying for them with the tax hikes, but yet to see any evidence of such. I expected the situation to be simple. Want to redu
  3. 6.30PM I think it was. Rescue services went out to look but could not find them around Waiheke. I can understand a wrong LL number putting them in the wrong position. Making that mistake not so much. But draw a straight line through Coromandle to Whangarei puts the line close to Waiheke. So a wrong number could well place one further north.
  4. Who do you buy cutting tips through Steve? and what brand?
  5. The Truck Transport Sector is the biggest lobbyist of the NZ Gvt. Speed of delivery is a major factor for the consumer. Many Businesses are no longer carrying the range of stock they once did, so the retailer needs speed of delivery as essential and cost of delivery comes in second.....in most cases.
  6. In fact on thinking about it, the other boats speed may have been 24kts. That would make sense with time. I remember he was about 4 times faster than me. So I would be around 6kts, thus 24kts for him. Looking up the specs, those boats had twin cummins 150Hp engines. Fuel consumption is 7.5Gal/hr. US gall is 3.8lts, so 7.5 x 3.8 x 2 = 57ltrs per hr x 2hrs = 114ltrs My boat 10ltrs an hr for 8 to 10hrs =80 to 100ltrs. Hmmmm, maybe I didn't work that out in my head perfectly, but 100 to 114 is not a hell of a lot of difference and as I said, the numbers are fuzzy now and he may not have been
  7. It was a long time back and the exact figures would be a bit fuzzy now. I may have the 27kts part wrong. His was a Bayliner 3388. Mine has the Perkins 6.354 engine. Usual consumption was around 10lt/hr if I remained conservative with speed. But that figure would climb fast if I pushed it.
  8. When a big Launch would go buy, I used to scoff at how much fuel he would likely be using and how little I would be. Then one day I went for a ride on a mates big launch. We covered the ground at 27kts and went way out to D'Urville where I showed him around. Then all the way back to the Sounds again. I calculated in my head the amount of fuel he used to what I would have used. Except he did the trip in some 2hrs and I would have taken 8 hrs. The total Fuel used was exactly the same. That was a surprise.
  9. I usually always find inexperienced sailors way over estimate wave height. Even with NZ waters/tides/wind, it is very rare to get 8m seas. It is truly sobering to be in 5 to 6m and I can say that from experience having been in wrong place wron tide time off Wellington. You wonder how water can defy such logic of standing that high and they make you feel very small, even in a 45ft boat.
  10. I will try again. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/2990542948
  11. Oh I see, what the?? where did that come from. I posted a link from Trademe.
  12. Ummm.....OK......so where am I?? The heading of the thread on my page says "Suggestions for Budget keeler 25-32 ft". Am I still down that rabbit hole??
  13. A very close rule of thumb is that for every 25A of power generated requires 1Hp from the engine. The reason I say rule of thumb is becuase a certain amount of energy is lost due to friction of the pullies/belt/s. So based on that rule of thumb, a 100A ALT output is going to require 4Hp from the engine. In saying the above, ALT installations of 85-100A is about the max when driven with a single belt. Above that current rating, it should be a twin belt system. but twin V belts have a lot of friction. This is due to that the V belt is driven by contact with side of belt and side of pull
  14. How about this one https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/aoc-raises-2m-texas-relief-heads-houston-after-blasting-cruz-n1258389
  15. It is not an easy question to accurately answer. It's like, how long is my piece of string and is it longer if I change the colour from blue to red, but what if the Blue has a green shade. The ruff rule of thumb is, that between no load and full load at the same RPM, there should be a difference of 20% in fuel used. This is because the Fuel is injected at a set dose per cylinder each time the Piston gets to the top of the bang stroke. As the load increases, the RPM will fall away and the governor opens to add a little extra fuel to give more bang and hopefully maintain the same RPM. The Fuel
  16. Hmmmm, I dunno, I have issue with several points. I don't think the story he tells has many "alternative facts", However, if we discuss this from a "Lessons to be learned point of view". First question, where was the guy coming from? The whether was such that no one should have been out there unless they were well equipped and some minor level of experience. It seems that from view of the story, this guy was not well equipped, nor had the level of experience. The story suggests he did not know much about VHF and especially CH16. That suggests to me he had little experience and should not
  17. wheels


    Unmixed, yes it will keep OK. You should be able to get two seasons worth from one can. Once the two components are mixed, you have limited time to apply.
  18. wheels

    Gas Solenoid

    DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT have the valve after the Reg. It is designed to be fitted directly to the bottle and acts in the same way the bottles own valve does. The hole in that solenoid that the gas flows through is far too small for Gas at a reduced regulated pressure.
  19. wheels

    Gas Solenoid

    Yes they work fine. They have to as they must meet a spec. If you can afford to, I suggest you get a new BEP Gas detector. This detector has a facility that once the valve is energised with 12V, which is required to initially close the valve, the unit then drops the voltage down to 9V, which is plenty to hold the valve closed. The result is far less current draw and much less heat in the coil. Heat is always the killer of Coils. If the valve you have is working fine and no leaks, I would put the money to a new detector. The valve seat is the only real wearing part. Do a leak test by closin
  20. Pulse charging doesn't work. Nor does adding additves. You may if you are lucky, get a short term gain. The best method is as follows. But firstly a warning. You are working with Acid that will eat clothing. So careful. Wear decent rubber gloves. Wear googles. Have a water hose on standby that you can douse yourself under should you splash any on bare skin. Place down a decent plastic ground sheet. Get a large plastic container that allows you enough room to safely tip the battery upside down. Tip out all the contents. Lots of black muck will come out. Then pour the Acid into a safe contai
  21. It is going to be an interesting discussion.
  22. It was actually for exceeding 5kts within 50m. But in saying that, I thought this was within an Vessel at Anchor/berth. I would have thought the Ferry would have been underway. And besides, how many times have the Ferries violated that if you happen to be somewhere close to there lane. Even if you are fishing close to the lane, they are supposed to slow to pass you.
  23. wheels

    Dream boat

    Yeah OK, I'm a boataholic too. There are times I look at the old Bath in my yard and wonder how she would perform under sail. 😉😁
  24. wheels

    Dream boat

    Even if I placed the piggy bank under a huge hydraulic press, I still won't be able to squeeze enough out if it. Plus the owners are in Germany and I would think that the purchaser is going to be up for a large GST bill on top of asking price. Do we have any import duties on Boats?
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