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  1. Hi, what thickness glazing tape did you end up using?
  2. Weekends, lockdown, no coastal classic, reading... I found this in storage and read it again. It's an absolutely fantastic read. The ship is also attributed with being responsible for bringing the 1918 influenza Pandemic to New Zealand. https://www.seatech.co.nz/products/deep-water-gold-by-keith-gordon 5 bars of gold remain unaccounted for https://www.nzherald.co.nz/northern-advocate/news/sunken-treasure-beckons-again/YGVNDFPFUD3JAHFBCIU676EBNQ/ An environmental disaster waiting to happen? https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/96328161/is-no
  3. My interpretation of the new traffic light framework, is that racing will be able to commence In a region that is in Orange or Green Where all participants are fully vaccinated Levels Orange or Green, with vaccination certificates, appear to be the only way that events and gatherings can be held where the minimum distance requirement of 1m doesn't apply. Level Red, requires 1m distancing in all scenarios. Practically impossible and potentially unsafe, for race crew. Event organisers, (yacht clubs), will be responsible/liable for assurance. As always, yacht clubs
  4. Unless something miraculous happens in Monday's announcement, that allows close quarter sports to resume for 6 different bubbles, we're going to be sitting three Kings out in the unlikely event it goes ahead. It's now reached the point where there's simply not enough sailing days left to get the necessary practice and team work in for a race of that duration. Dropped a bucket of money on boat prep, the only bits I regret are the epirb and the flares, cause now their expiry date is ticking.
  5. It's a remote control right? As opposed to a separate screen? Eg can you have chart plotter on the mfd and echo on the tablet?
  6. Those are rediculously expensive - they seem to be trying to not cut their 10/10 lunch.
  7. That's shocking. Who was the surveyor? Did you agree to any terms and conditions which would allow for this level of destructive testing? I note you said this was for MOSS, so any protections you would of had under consumer law are out the door. Unless you agreed, either directly or indirectly, to expecting damage, I would be presenting them with a bill for the repairs. Upon an unsatisfactory response, I would be submitting claim with the disputes tribunal.
  8. Nice work. Looks mint. Out of curiosity What's the middle coating? why did you decide to paint Alluminium? How did you transport it? I have a similar project coming up...
  9. A mate of my brother-in-law's neighbour works for One news, during a catch up outside with 2m between us, while wearing a face mask, drinking beer from a straw with no one else attending the gathering except his dog who had eaten its face mask, told me. Here's link. https://www.1news.co.nz/2021/10/06/boatie-caught-trying-to-flee-aucklands-water-boundary/ Police posted a video explaining the boundary up the middle of the the firth of Thames, and clarifying what the no travel to Waiheke/Barrier actually meant.
  10. Thanks Jon. Hopefully things become clearer! There's also the current gotcha that it's an offence to organise a gathering outdoors that has more than 10 people. Sport NZ and Yachting NZ interpretation of this, as it relates to coaching is that a facility cannot have more than 10 boats/people on the water at a time. And of course the people on each boat must be from the same bubble. It's not clear from the announcement if the Coastal committee have considered this. Has SSANZ had any advice from YNZ in this regard?
  11. Bum cleaner is operating under level 3 - we were done the day level 3 opened
  12. Boat will need an exemption/special permission to enter NZ if it is foreign flagged. NZ registered boats with all NZ citizen/resident crew are the only ones allowed to enter via the Maritime border without jumping through covid exemptions/approvals.
  13. That's so that the regulations aren't interpreted to cover ships carrying LPG in bulk, such as LPG tankers, or boats that are in MOSS. MOSS rules also call for AS/NZS 5601 for boats in survey.
  14. Oh yes. Here's a up to date document. https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/news/service-requirements-inflatable-lifejackets
  15. That's great. The thing I find most interesting on that is the 'life jacket self service declaration'. Is this a one off to compensate for people who cannot get life jackets serviced in time due to lock down, or has this always been an option? I have asked in the past about self servicing and been told it's not an option. Anyone successfully used a life jacket self service declaration for Cat 3 before?
  16. CarpeDiem

    What if...?

    You can travel through the Auckland region for a number of specific purposes, the same purposes that are allowing vehicles to travel from Northland to south of the Bombays (and vice versa) allow you to travel via water through the Auckland region. If for another reason that isn't in the "allowed list", then you'd technically need to stay 12Nm east of the barrier and (I think) clear the Mokes by 12nm as well - if they are part of Auckland. Edit: actually it's a slightly bigger area, with an annoying bit to avoid. But like I say - "technically". I doubt you'd run into any resistance
  17. Stanchions are a Cat 3 requirement, there's no exemption in the safety rules. So any exemption is outside the rules and provided by YNZ. OAs can consult with YNZ to get an exemption approved for their race, which MHYC did for the life raft requirement. If they do it for the Piedy's then they can do it for the s34's - an s34 division going up the coast would be good to see.
  18. 6.5m is the current limit - add a pointy stick out the front? There's a Piedy (Suspect Device) entered this year. Not sure how they get Cat 3 without stanchions, but I also don't know how the Melges 40's, with their carbon-fibre stanchions, get Cat 3 either. Where there's a will there's a way I guess... My problem is getting my life jackets and fire xts serviced so my Cat 3 is current - an annual September boat task ;-/
  19. How is this possible? How can you get your vehicle/trailer to West Arm? The road from West Arm to Doubtful (Wilmot Pass Road) is a private road, they have a irregular bus that runs from the West Arm visitors centre. I wasn't aware private vehicles could be taken to West Arm or even over Wilmot Pass. Or do they have a trailer service at West Arm that's compatible with any boat?
  20. us too - Fully Crewed RNI would be pretty awesome
  21. Anything worth sharing?
  22. Are they the same as what comes with the DST800? If so I have one.
  23. Lockdown questions answered https://www.coastalclassic.co.nz/post/your-lockdown-questions-answered
  24. They have not listed the chemistry or capacity of the built in battery, looking at the voltages it looks like LiFePO4. So you'll definitely get 500 cycles at 80% DOD - personally I wouldn't get anywhere close to that usage. You may find that the unit cuts out at 30% actual DOD (while reporting 100% DOD on the display). Impossible to know how they will have programmed the BMS/display unless they tell you.
  25. Inspection is a business. Last time, businesses such as mobile tradespeople (plumber, electrician, locksmith) could all operate in peoples homes so long as distancing, ppe and contact tracing was in place. The inspector would be responsible for all health and safety issues that go along with it. Ultimately the decision would rest with business managing the service to determine if they could meet the h&s rules.
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