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  1. VRC-200 is a great choice if your alternator has remote voltage sensing. Beats pretty much every external regulator hands down, except the Wakespeed. The victron 712 is a completely different use case this isn't what it's designed for. It's going to be be counting amps on battery not the alternator. You need dedicated shunts if you want to monitor the state of the battery and the charging current.
  2. Definitely a hijack. Current sense termination is really the only sensible way to charge LFP. This ZM5 unit does not monitor current and it has no alternator temp sensing. If it does not measure the temperature then it can not back off the output current and the alternator will cook itself if it gets to hot. It's the same as running an engine without a temperature sensor/warning - it will be absolutely fine, until the day it isn't... It sets the output voltage, holds it there for a set period of time once it is reached and then backs off to a float voltage after that t
  3. Why do credit cards expire? That's definitely dumber than a epirb expiring.
  4. So I personally think it's actually yourself that's not taking safety at sea seriously and you're trying to deflect that onto GME. What do you think? If you'd like to send it to me I will replace the batteries for $229 (same price as GME). I can buy them on AliExpress for $27 incl p&p. I won't do any of the other 67 checks that GME say they do cause (a) I don't know what they are; and (b) I don't have the specialised equipment. Fortunately you've already asserted that the unit has nothing wrong with it so I won't need to worry about your safety from failure of the unit. P
  5. It's quite the opposite actually. These requirements are set in the EPIRB standards it's not something the GME have come up with. They aren't cutting corners, they know that there is a plethora of choice out there, they have nothing to gain by pissing you off, because they are following a standard, they know you could well go to another vendor. Would you prefer that they put new batteries in it took your money and sent you on your way with a "your epirb now doesn't meet the NZ safety standard, but she'll be right mate..." They probably just lost your business and lost revenue becau
  6. Is it a Type B panel? Off the back of the key switch there should be 5 wires. One of those wires goes to a 3amp fuse which powers the lights and alarms on the panel. It could be a Red wire. You should tap the ignition cct into that wire leading from the key to the 3amp fuse. You should install your own fuse in the wire to the zm5. 5a would do, but if the manual specifies one specific do that. You might even find another wire tapped into that cct if something has already been added that needs ignition cct, eg a fuel gauge or a flow alarm. If you do find one, follow it cause
  7. You can open them, remove the batteries. Drop them in your council recycling bin. They don't like it, but they do the right thing at the sorting table. Do not put the batteries in the council kerb side bin incase they cause a fire. You can add them to your personal e-waste collection and take them to the once a year e-waste in your area. Some places that sell epirbs will take your old ones and dispose of them. Spark Vodafone and 2deg will probably accept them in there e-waste phone bins if you ask nicely and explain that they are just a big phone.
  8. It's about both failure and also about the supporting technology changing. GME decided these units should have a life of 12 years. So after 12 yrs they will no longer service them. The 406g only uses the GPS gnss service provided by the usa. Since the product was made there have 4 other gnss satelites added by 4 other countries thus greatly increasing both the accuracy and time to fix. Any current model gps will use all available gnss providers. Tge 406g is also only equipped with a single band receiver (L1) because when it was designed multiple bands did not exist except for mil
  9. It's not just salt you are trying to get rid of it's also all the other engine eating yummies in our sea water. Salt-away is mainly vinegar with some detergent. Vinegar is mainly water. The absolute best way to dissolve salt is deionized water but that gets rediculously expensive. Our water isn't mineral free unless you happen to be on tank water. So you still get residue left over on surfaces which is where Salt-away makes a difference. Last time we were out on the hard I did engine flush with fresh water using a bucket and a pump. I was pleased to see that nothing came out
  10. CarpeDiem

    Pier 21

    Of course - can dry out on the mud flats as well. Doesn't make it convenient or preferred anymore than a cradle. Sure I would consider other options when all the travel lifts are gone or none are available, but we are not there yet...
  11. CarpeDiem

    Pier 21

    Multi story apartments to help with the housing crisis? So what travel lift options does that leave for yachties in Auckland now? Gulf Harbour Marina Hobsonville Marina Orams (does Orams allow owners to work on their boats?) Does Pine Harbour or Bucklands have travel lifts?
  12. Tower refused to even consider us, they came back with a scripted "rig falls outside our age limits". Even tho the rig and standing rigging had been removed, inspected, die tested and x-rayed 12 months earlier, they provided no option for discussion or consideration. The door was firmly closed. On one hand I feel that older boats will eventually become uninsurable as insurance companies strive to reduce exposure. On the other hand I get comfort from just how many older boats there are, so someone will fill the market.
  13. I heard Club Marine pulled out of NZ? Are they back?
  14. CarpeDiem

    Pier 21

    Pier 21 is the emptiest I have ever seen it. I understand from others that Boatright has moved on, or perhaps even closed down I know that the block was for sale. Are they ramping down for closure? Massive loss for Auckland boaties if it's turned into apartment blocks.
  15. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/investigation-under-way-after-container-ship-and-small-yacht-involved-in-near-miss-incident/RMGW3YYR3WMJDCTM5YBX7YRMIE/
  16. Every racing boat out of Auckland breaks the law during each and every race. No one cares and further it is encouraged by clubs and members... so everyone else breaks the law as well even if they are not racing. Within 200m of the breakwall within 200m of the harbour bridge (I doubt that the ODM is even 200m from the bridge...) within 200m of the ferry terminal within 200m of bean rock light house etc etc etc And before anyone says "but racing yachts are excluded"... nope ... racing yachts are ONLY excluded from the 50m boat-to-boat rule - AND only between two boats that are
  17. Oh filler .. Fark I read, filter, sorry... Nitrile Rubber. Cut it to shape and use leather hole punch for the screw holes. I would use butyl tape on the very inside 3mm of the gasket ring as a last defense against water ingress, and use a cut to size nitrile gasket for the rest.
  18. I have never seen a surface mating fuel filter without an o-ring or even heard of using a sealant except in an emergency. What do you have exactly? Any photos?
  19. I am going to replace some winches and the bolt patterns are not compatible. The deck is plywood. What's the best way to fill the old holes so that they're best possible for future possibilities... I used sone knead it aqua on some old cable holes I had, this seemed to work OK. It's cheap and I probably have plenty left. But wondering if there's a better way. Thanks
  20. Squadron dropped the y88 div Q this winter series. The 88s had w/l's out of bucks today. Richmond racing had a great view of them on the leg from N.leading to Motukorea. I would like to think they knew we were coming through and had purposely dropped the top gate markers 50m off the Richmond rumb line, but I think it was good luck... Weren't you out today? Pretty dismal showing on your part
  21. While you raise some interesting further discussion points. Your post has produced no evidence at all to back up your claim. Where is this well tested proof that these units don't work? Or is this just your opinion based on personal or anecdotal experience? The evidence available seems to be quite the opposite to your assertion that the technology doesn't work. Here is a third piece of evidence. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/304251445_An_acoustic_antifouling_study_in_sea_environment_for_ship_hulls_using_ultrasonic_guided_waves
  22. That's a bold statement. NZ has some pretty strict laws that make selling products that have been 'well tested and proven not to work" to be very illegal. There's literally dozens of independent test reports, diy comparisons and diy tests that support the ultrasound manufacturers claims. I suggest that you start with reviewing https://nordkyndesign.com/category/marine-engineering/electronics/ultrasonic-antifouling Eric Bretscher is a well respected NZ engineer who has, amongst other things, developed and tested his own ultrasonic AF system.
  23. The idea of not needing to haul out for 5 years is extremly enticing... but I am wondering about the prop/saildrive... What about damage from strops when getting hauled out? Does it go on the prop/shaft/saildrive as well or does that still need to be propspeed'd every 18mths? Even half a knot would be a significant advantage.... So I wonder how this tech fits within the racing rules, specifically Rule 53... - would this silicone qualify as a "specially textured surface"? RRS 53. SKIN FRICTION A boat shall not eject or release a substance, such as a polymer, or have sp
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